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New $DON Vault ft. Donkey Finance

New Vault hits the farmlands in collaboration with Donkey Finance.

Dear Farmers,

We are delighted to bring Asian vibes to our farmlands with our Korean friends at Donkey Finance.

Today, the first Donkey vault has appeared at Harvest for farmers to explore:

  • DON:ETH @ Uniswap V3

This vault listing plays a vital role for Koreans as they have been isolated from DeFi despite significant activities on their centralized exchanges.

With Donkey, Koreans finally can put their feet wet in DeFi and experience activities like staking and borrowing firsthand.

Harvest is the first protocol Donkey decided to collaborate with, thanks to the hard work of our Yeoman’s. This vault helps Donkey better decentralize their entity and creates a bridge between our communities.

🍰 Rewards

Donkey chose to drop some fat, sweet rewards for our farmers:

  • 20,000 DON/week (~USD14,000)

Plus standard 5 FARM tokens for new, promising vaults. That number can be increased based on the vault’s performance in the next $FARM emissions update.

What’s more, the vault leverages the Uni-V3 pool in full-range mode, collecting fees on each DON:ETH swap.

We are looking forward to exploring more opportunities with Donkey Finance and their Korean 🇰🇷 community!

This partnership is another key milestone of our #HarvestInAsia Campaign.

About Donkey Finance

Donkey connects Korea’s crypto-asset market to the global DeFi platform. Despite the immense growth and liquidity of Korea’s crypto market, crypto-assets that have only been listed on Korean exchanges have been isolated and inaccessible on global DeFi platforms.

Donkey aims to address this issue, therefore further utilizing Korean crypto assets while also broadening the range of assets supported by existing global DeFi products. Ultimately, Donkey will become the leading figure of K-DeFi.

Connect with Donkey Finance: Website| Medium| Telegram

About Harvest

Harvest is an asset management platform that maximizes yield for assets deposited by users. Harvest reduces gas costs and develops cutting-edge strategies to become the stop-shop of yield farming in DeFi.

Connect with Harvest: Website |Twitter |Discord

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