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4 min readMar 8, 2023


Important community update on Harvest 3 and beyond.

GM Harvest community,

There’s a lot to unpack today.

As we near Harvest 3 app release, we wanted to take a moment to update you on everything happening here at Harvest.

Over the next months, we have several key objectives that we’re working on.

First of all, the Harvest 3 app will include a full overhaul of the interface and customer experience, making it a modernized and professional application for all user types.

We’re confident that Harvest 3 will become the powerhouse for all things DeFi’s yield farming. The app is currently 80% complete and is slated for release in Q2 2023.

Below is a bird’s view of core wireframes coming with Harvest 3. There is a lot more hiding in feature-specific pages in our Figma.

And yeah, that’s a lot of stuff to code into existence.

Some of the features coming with the new app include:

  • Zaps implementation (in cooperation with a powerful Zap provider)
  • 1Year history charts for farm’s APY, TVL & deposits for users to make smarter decisions
  • A web3 wallet aggregator integration to allow users to connect with any popular wallet out there
  • Dedicated URL for all farms enabling users and partners precisely drive traffic to Harvest
  • A detailed breakdown of the APY for increased transparency
  • Portfolio page
  • Advanced filters and categories
  • Intuitive deposit/withdraw module
  • Black/white mode

What else is in the works?

Token visuals

Let’s be honest. Our current FARM token icon you see on websites like Coingecko/Coinmarketcap and others is far from ideal.

It has served us well since Harvest’s origins, but it’s time to polish it.

We are currently exploring variations with soft gradients where the green one will be for iFARM, while the blue for the legacy FARM. Plus, on the right side, you can see revamped icons for Harvest’s fTokens.

Bringing Arbitrum farms to native apps

Our Arbitrum section initially deployed by the Dolomite team is coming to our native app before the new app’s release!

No doubt having it implemented in Harvest’s native app will increase the credibility of this operation, further cementing our presence on the Arbitrum network and positioning Harvest for increased user deposits.

You will first see the Arbitrum section coming to the existing app, with it being implemented at launch with Harvest 3 app.

Our contributors have also begun contacting the existing Arbitrum projects to discuss potential collaborations. Harvest will expand aggressively to Arbitrum in the coming months.

The iFARM token will be deployed to Arbitrum, and we are in touch with top Arbitrum DEXs to bootstrap initial liquidity. Having farms and our iFARM token on Arbitrum will allow other projects to integrate and build alongside Harvest.

ERC-4626 🤝

Composability is key in DeFi. Under the hood, our devs are now implementing the ERC-4626 vault standard to make Harvest more composable with the rest of DeFi.

These implementations allow external developers to integrate our LP fTokens into their own projects with ease.

Ledger integration

We are now undertaking the final steps to include Harvest in Ledger’s flagship app.

This integration will display Harvest in front of hundreds of thousands of Ledger owners, allowing them to securely connect with Harvest and put their funds to work.

That’s kind of a big deal!

Last but not least, we are also exploring new landing pages with the goal of building more trust and confidence in Harvest’s products.

We’re rebuilding Harvest into a yield farming app for the mainstream.

Browse through our latest news here:

As Harvest nears its three year anniversary, what better way to celebrate than to revamp and revitalize the farmlands by improving life for DeFi farmers. And we are not stopping there! So much is happening in the Harvest community it cannot be contained within a single update.

We encourage all farmers and degens to join us on Discord and Twitter to keep up to date with all the juicy alpha and ready yourselves for a yield farming extravaganza.

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