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Recap: #1 Community Call

For those who missed the latest Community Call, here’s the recap!

Fellow Farmers,

The first community call took place on the 11th of August on our Discord channel.

We are honestly surprised by the number of attendees, as we saw more than 50 farmers over a span of an hour tuning in without making much buzz prior to the event.

Now, for those who couldn’t make it to the #1 Community Call, here’s what we talked about:

  • BIBI CAT -a top member since Harvet’s origins- has revealed his identity
  • BIBI, before becoming a farmer, has been an expert blockchain tracker and has a strong lead on the identity of the person behind Harvest’s 2020 exploit
  • BIBI not only wants to bring justice to Harvest but also give a warning to anyone who thinks of wrongdoing with Harvest
  • BIBI also stated that his focus is now on bringing $FARM to $1B Market cap by expanding Harvest by developing and acquiring sub-brand ecosystems (think NFTs, Swap Platforms)
  • Gruad — Harvest’s Mod & Yeoman — Talked about bringing more transparency to Harvest treasury management & ways for Harvest to fund itself without having to sell its $FARM tokens
  • Harvest’s mods also discussed previous investments made by Harvest’s Council of 69, summarizing that Harvest only did 5 investments with an average return of 10x. These returns further drive value to Harvet’s Ops Fund.

Harvest randomly rewarded two people from the audience with $100 in $FARM. The call was hosted by one of our farmers — Whipper.

Harvest is yet to decide the regularity of the calls. Follow Harvest on Twitter and join our Discord to stay tuned for the upcoming community calls!



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