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Recap: August 2021

Harvest’s Anniversary, CEX Listings, Collaborations & More

Dear Farmers,

The past month — August — was unlike any other as we celebrated Harvest’s First Anniversary. Proudly looking back at the last 365 days, excited for the unknowns of the upcoming year.

First, let’s take a closer look at the list of August's key events. Later on, we will dig down into the details of the week (53).

Key Events of August

  1. Harvest’s Anniversary
  2. Harvest’s NFT Collection
  3. $FARM on Binance Isolated Margin
  4. Harvest’s Creativity Contest — Anniversary Edition
  5. Price Feed by Chainlink
  6. Binance AMA
  7. $PHTR Vaults
  8. Publish0x Re-Integrates $FARM
  9. Harvest API Repo
  10. Crypto.com Listing
  11. $FARM Staking on Binance
  12. $FARM BuyBacks Now at Bancor
  13. $FARM Binance Listing
  14. New Vaults w/ Zerogoki & Phuture

1. Harvest’s Anniversary

30 August — Harvest released an article explaining what makes it unstoppable & unique. It outlines Harvest’s core principles and outlook for the future. We are inviting everyone to get to know our mission and the way Harvest operates.

Read the full story here

2. Harvest’s Digital Art Collection

30 August — Harvest wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for its friends. This collection highlights the importance of the protocols that Harvest leverages and their communities.

The collection highlights the following protocols: Curve Finance, Balancer, Sushi & Uniswap.

The collection is now live at OpenSea

3. Binance adds $FARM on Isolated Maring

2 Sept — Binance adds $FARM to its highly popular Isolated Margin, where millions of users worldwide can now trade $FARM on leverage.

This is a healthy sign for $FARM’s liquidity on Binance and the signal for other crypto exchanges as a potential token to list it.

Official Announcement from Binance

4. Harvest’s Creativity Contest

31 August — Harvest’s domain are contests where participants can earn valuable prizes in the form of the $FARM token for participating.

This time, the theme is Harvest’s Anniversary with $3900 of $FARM prizes.

Everyone is invited!

Get to know the rules, deadlines, and tips to stand out.

5. Upcoming AMA

We are collecting your burning questions that will be passed to Harvest’s core devs and answered the most interesting ones!

Drop your questions on Harvest’s subreddit, and stay tuned for more AMA updates.

6. New Heights for $FARM on Bancor

31 August — The $FARM / $BNT entered the Top5 in volume, surpassing the top $USDT and $USDC stablecoin pools. This makes Harvest’s pool even more attractive for liquidity providers looking to capitalize on these types of growth.

What’s more, Bancor officially stated that the $FARM / $BNT pool had brought second-most revenue to liquidity providers in the last 30 days.

7. Harvest in the Media

3 September — Harvest’s Community Lead Red wrote an in-depth piece on the issues most DAOs face today and what makes our commune stand out.

See why Harvest DAO is different with this thread or jump directly into Red’s piece on Defiant.

8. Emission’s Update

📉 $FARM emission in the week 53is further reduced by 4.44% from last week’s emission of 2,778.82

Full Breakdown & Details

August: Previous Weeks

A big thank you for supporting Harvest throughout the bumpy first year 🙏

Fasten your seatbelts for the second year 🚜



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