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Recap: Week 47

Dear Farmers,

Week 47 was full of new developments and surprises! 🚜

New integrations, vaults and fruitful friendships were made that will improve the quality of life of our community. Let’s get into it!


  1. Harvest on Polygon
  2. Harvest at EthCC
  3. Bancor’s Targeted Liquidity Mining Campaign
  4. Harvest on BSC Recap
  5. $FARM Emissions
  6. FOX Vault
  7. LQTY Vault

1. Harvest on Polygon

July 19 — One of the most awaited integrations this year with Polygon has materialized. Our farmers get to enjoy low fees when interacting with vaults while maximizing yields across new vaults that leverage QuickSwap & Sushi.

Polygon community got excited!

Harvest will be exploring more opportunities on Polygon.

Mihailo Bjelic Co-founder @0xPolygon

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

2. Harvest at ETHCC

Our humble Harvest representatives with Stani from AAVE

July 20–22 — The Ethereum Community Conference is where the big brains of DeFi come to network and have fun together. Harvest couldn’t miss such an important event and sent his best man to shake hands and spread the good word of Harvest.

Harvest also co-hosted a networking event with APWine on a rooftop bar with a beautiful view overlooking Paris and Eiffel’s Tower.

3. Bancor To Capture Harvest’s Buyback Mechanism

After a successful proposal on Bancor in June 2021, Bancorians didn’t stop there. Bancor’s community rolled out a new proposal to set a targeted Liquidity Mining Campaign to capture Harvest’s Buyback Mechanism.

The latter has met the quorum with most of the votes in favor. As of 23rd July 2021, $BNT rewards are now on the $FARM / $BNT pool.

Harvest will closely monitor the pool and act accordingly once its depth surpasses the one at Uniswap.

4. Harvest on BSC Recap

July 21 — Harvest launched a refreshed campaign to remind the people of DeFi that it integrated with Binance Smart Chain. The campaign has met with a positive response from both communities.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

5. $FARM Emissions Update

July 21 — Starting this week, Harvest will post more detailed updates on $FARM emissions with a full breakdown on vaults.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

6. $FOX Vault

July 22 — Seeing Shapeshift’s mission to decentralize their entity, Harvest decided to support their cause by adding the $FOX Vault.

Our farmers get to enjoy a new vault that leverages the following Uniswap V2 Pool: $FOX — $WETH

You can easily find the vault via *General* filter at harvest.finance

APY as of July 23, 2021

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement

7. LQTY Vault

July 23 — Right before the weekend starts, Harvest deployed another pool for our farmers to explore! This vault introduces staking of the $LQTY token by Liquity.

This farming opportunity was suggested by one of our community members and Harvest’s humble builders acted on it quickly by deploying the vault in a matter of days.

Details: Twitter announcement | Medium announcement


Another fruitful week has passed!
Harvest is on a constant mission to ship more features for the commune.

Happy farming!

Harvest Team

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