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Recap: Week 55

New Vaults, #HarvestInAsia, Fertilizer, Bye $fCASH & More!

Dear Farmers,

The work at Harvest never stops. Our commune is like a swarm of bees — friendly & productive ones — that constantly work to improve their lives.

Let’s see what Harvest’s bees 🐝 built this week


1.Harvest In China

2. Live AMA

3. Balancer Vaults on Polygon

4. Retiring $fCASH

5. Fertilizer with Stakewise

6. New Vaults ft. Yel Finance

7. New Vaults ft. Zerogoki

8. FARM Emissions Update

1. Harvest in China

13 September — Harvest is now on its way to spread awareness among oriental farmers. In order to bring more in more deposits, we are starting with China — the country full of people interested in DeFi activities.

#HarvestInAsia campaign launched shortly after Harvest introduced its mobile version on the 7th of September 2021. The reasoning behind this is that most of the Asian audience primarily uses mobile devices for all internet activities, including crypto.

China is the first region of many Harvest plans to approach in the near future.

What’s more, we have Binance China AMA coming up next week!

2. Live AMA

14 September — Harvest’s mods Red & JB were at the forefront of discussing questions from the community and answers by Harvest’s core team.

Despite tiny technical difficulties, our brave mods managed to coordinate the event that saw more than 150 people tuning in over the span of the live AMA.

Missed the AMA? No problem — the video recording is on YT.

Make sure to subscribe to our channel for future AMAs and updates!

3. New Vaults ft. Balancer

15 September — Harvest launched 3 new Balancer vaults on Polygon. The vaults consist of a variety of assets from stablecoins to $ETH & $WBTC.

The low fees on Polygon make these new additions highly attractive for farmers with smaller deposits.

All three vaults see $BAL & $iFARM rewards 🍰

4. Bye $fCASH

16 September — Harvest commune decides to discontinue the $fCASH project. This experiment, despite the average success, pushed Harvest to explore more possibilities for $iFARM.

If it wasn’t for $fCASH, there wouldn’t be Harvest’s Pool at Rari that does a far better job than what $fCASH was initially intended to.

Long story short, $fCASH was an experiment with UMA Protocol to allow $iFARM holders to extract more value from their holdings, allowing them to use $iFARM as collateral for $fCASH.

Today, $iFARM holders get to enjoy borrowing opportunities at Rari Fuse.

We are thankful 🙏🏻 to UMA for this journey and looking forward to new opportunities for collaboration!

Details: Medium Announcement

5. Fertilizer with Stakewise

16 September — We are excited to introduce a new type of activity for farmers to further incentivize deposits called Fertilizer.

This activity consists of two parts; a retroactive airdrop to current farmers in the vault and a future-airdrop to new depositors who deploy assets in the vault in a given timeframe.

This week, Stakewise sponsored the first Fertilizer with $2000 of $SWISE tokens for farmers in their vault at harvest.

There is still time for you to participate in the campaign! (Deadline: 20 Sept 2021).

More details

6. New Vaults ft. Yel Finance

17 September — Our collaboration with Yel continues with the introduction of the two new $YEL vaults.

The story reaches back to early August when Yel launched an enhanced pool for $iFARM holders.

This week also saw Harvest becoming one of the multi-signers for their $YEL contract:

7. New Vaults ft. Zerogoki

17 September — A set of vaults for true apes & degens has landed at Harvest.

🔥Zerogoki supercharges its all active vaults with $120K monthly in $REI rewards.

🟢 New Vaults:

  • zUSD-USDC (full range)
  • REI-ETH (full range)

⚪ To remain active:

  • zUSD-ETH

8. $FARM Emissions Update

15 September—This week wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t for our weekly $FARM emissions update. This time, however, they will be accompanied with bad, farm-themed dad jokes.

Here it goes:

What’s a potatoes least favorite day of the week?





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