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Recap: Week 59

New vaults and integrations!

Dear Farmers,

This week has brought us a bunch of new farms to our lands, as well as the long-awaited integration.

We are working full steam to deploy new features and improvements; however, given the highly volatile nature of DeFi, it’s challenging to commit to any deadlines.

We are thankful for your continuous support and patience 🙏


  1. Zapper.fi Integration
  2. ibEUR Vault
  3. EURT Vault
  4. Phuture Finance Fertilizer Airdrop
  5. $1M in Donkey Fund Vault
  6. Trending Section @ Coingecko
  7. FARM Emissions Update

1. Zapper.fi Integration

14 October — Zapper, a popular DeFi interface, integrates more than 70 Harvest’s vaults.

From this day, farmers no longer need to do the hard work of collecting LP tokens to start yield farming.

It’s nearly 4x easier now to farm at Harvest. Lowering the bar enables more farmers to deploy their assets and funnel more TVL to our farmlands.

Get started with Zapper x Harvest with this tutorial

2. ibEUR Vault

14 October — New stablecoin hits the floor. Farmers get to enjoy high yields on ibEUR — a stablecoin pegged to the Euro.

This fresh vault just crossed $70K in deposits offering nearly 200% APY for depositors.

You can find this vault under the following name: CRV:Fixed Forex EUR

3. EURT Vault

13 October — An Euro stablecoin issued by Tether has been welcomed to our farmlands. Liquidity providers at Curve can now put their $EURT to work in this vault at high APY.

It’s a vault your bank doesn’t want you to know about.

4. Phuture Finance Fertilizer Airdrop

12 October — Phuture Finance’s Fertilizer Campaign has ended, and all the prizes have been sent to the winners.

Eight lucky farmers have found $625 each in $PHTR tokens in their wallets.

We invite farmers to participate in the latest vaults as we expect more Fertilizer campaigns! Worth noting that usually, half of the prize pool retroactively goes to lucky farmers.

Read the details of the latest Fertilizer

5. $1M at Donkey Vault

11 October — A great day to highlight our latest vault surpassing $1M in deposits. Donkey Fund, a DeFi beast from South Korea, has launched their vault at Harvest last week.

In under a week, it grew to over $1M TVL!

We are excited to see our #HarvestInAsia Campaign reaching new milestones.

6. Trending Section @ Coingecko

11 October — Our community quickly spotted the $FARM token trending at Coingecko.

If you have any clues what got us there, please let us know :)

7. $FARM Emissions Update

📉 $FARM emission in the week 59is further reduced by 4.44% from last week’s emission of 2,115.26

CRV-EURS, CRV-USDP, CRV-MIM emissions are up ~50%. All mStonks are closing in anticipation of securities regulation. Duet (Zerogoki) decided to end their rewards program with us without prior notice.

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Have a great weekend, farmers!



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