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Recap: Week 60

Coinbase Wallet, Korea & Staking awareness!

Dear Farmers,

We keep searching for profitable farming opportunities, and we are ecstatic to say that many of them are coming up next week!

As for this week, we’ve used Twitter pools (1, 2) to understand better the problems our farmers face.

We are surprised to see the number of those unaware of the $FARM staking opportunity!

These polls sparked many internal conversations that we shall get back to the roots and put more pressure towards 101 education of our farmers. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll publish detailed tutorials on how to:

  • Transfer $FARM from major exchanges to Web3 Wallet like Metamask
  • Stake $FARM / How to get $iFARM
  • What to do with $iFARM


We hope for this campaign to boost awareness of at least the basic features of the $FARM token. There is so much exciting stuff waiting for unaware $FARM hodlers!

Without further ado, let’s recap this week!


  1. Coinbase Wallet Interation
  2. Harvest Enters Korea
  3. Harvest at #ETHLisbon
  4. Community-Call
  5. Stakewise & $MIM Vaults ATHs
  6. FARM Emissions Update

1. Coinbase Wallet Interation

18 October — After a series of tests with our community members, we can now officially say that anyone can connect to Harvest with the comfort of their Coinbase Wallet.

There are over 2M Coinbase Wallet users, and we are excited to welcome them to our farmlands.


2. Harvest in Korea

19 October — Despite DeFi being borderless, many countries are disconnected from it mainly because of the English language barrier.

This week we officially welcomed Korean farmers and introduced the Korean Medium blog and the Kakaotalk channel for them to chat about Harvest.

With the help of Mods and Yeomen, Harvest can penetrate countries like China and Korea to spread awareness of DeFi. What’s more, it gives us the first-mover advantage over most defi protocols that focus on their English audience.

In late September, we saw a successful launch of the Donkey Vault, and we are eyeing new farmlands on the Korean horizon.


3. Harvest at #ETHLisbon

Our mod poapster put on the wrong t-shirt!

20 October — Our mods have landed in Lisbon to attend an insane amount of crypto conferences happening this week!

We are excited to share hands with our friends and Bancor, and other fantastic people!

If you see poapster out in the wild, give him a high-five!

4. Community-Call

22 October — Yes, that’s today, and it’s yet to happen. Nevertheless, we invite you to tune in as we’ll be hearing from our Mods at ETHLisbon.

Not only will you get to hear the latest alphas from conferences, but also we’ll be giving away Harvest-branded cans brought to you by Soda Party.

Where? Harvest’s Discord -> #Community-Calls

5. Stakewise & $MIM Vaults ATHs

This week our two newcomers saw All-Time-High in deposits.

Stakewise’s $ETH vault has scratched $4M TVL, and despite a slight price pullback, it keeps attracting new farmers willing to put their $ETH to work with no impermanent loss!

What’s more, the popularity of Abracadabar’s stablecoin $MIM has brought us beyond $900K in deposits. Given the pace of $MIMs development, we don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon.

6. FARM Emissions Update

20 October — As usual, this week wouldn’t be complete without an $FARM Emissions Update.

Full Breakdown


As mentioned in the introduction, we are seeing gaps in our farmer’s education that we should fill asap. This week, we kicked off a series of awareness posters on $FARM Staking, outlining its benefits and platforms to do that.

We hope to bring more deposits into our Profit-Sharing vault for farmers to get their fair share of our bread.


Let us know what you think, and ping mods on discord if you have some ideas!

Happy farming!



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