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Recap: Week 61

Forex Yield Farming, Boosted Rewards, New Vaults & Integrations

Dear Farmers,

This week was intense!

There’s so much to talk about, so we’ll get right into it!


  1. Forex Yield Farming ft. Jarvis Network
  2. Changer.io Vault
  3. Boosted Donkey Vault
  4. Zerion Integration
  5. Whale Call
  6. $FARM Staking on Binance Campaign
  7. $FARM Emissions Update

1. Forex Yield Farming ft. Jarvis Network

27 October — On this day, we’ve launched a set of vaults for synthetic stablecoins called $jFIAT — brought to you by Jarvis Network.

Given the unique characteristics of these stablecoins combined with pools atop of rapid and inexpensive Polygon network, this collaboration received the name of Forex Yield Farming.

In under 72 hours since launch, farmers have now deposited over $4M across the vaults, and the funds keep flowing fast!

Forex Farms see an enormous amount of rewards for farmers.

See full details of this collaboration

2. Changer.io Vault

26 October — Harvest’s Asian expansion continues. This week we’ve landed another deal with Changer.io to launch their first vaults at Harvest.

The $CNG Pool on UniswapV3 saw more than $1.5M TVL rolling in shortly after the vault went live. It was incredible to see the power of Korean degens in real-time!

As of today, there’s slightly below $1M TVL in the vault offering a whopping 1100% APY for farmers!

You can find this vault at harvest.finance -> Uniswap V3: CNG-ETH

3. Boosted Donkey Vault

27 October — Our Korean friends at Donkey decided to allocate 5x rewards into their $DON:$WETH Pool.

This heavy bump is going to last four weeks for humble farmers.

It’s up to Donkey to decide whether to extend the rewards after that period. In the meantime, our farmers currently get to enjoy ~850% APY on their deposits.

4. Zerion Integration

28 October — We are excited to see Zerion — a major DeFi Dashboard integrating Harvest!

From now on, user can track their assets at Harvest from the comfort of their Zerion dashboard

Please enter your address in the top bar and see how it rolls! -> app.zerion.io

5. $CRV Whale Call

28 October — A nearly double price increase for the $CRV token has resulted in a decent APY bump for farms that auto-harvest it.

As seen on the charts above (source) — there’s been a significant increase in earnings made by farmers in vaults involving $CRV.

Given that, we’ve made a call for whales on Twitter.

…and they responded!

A $10M deposit showed up shortly after! -> Etherscan

We are glad to see whales responding to our invitation!

6. $FARM Staking on Binance Campaign

25 October — Our recent Twitter polls signaled us that a significant portion of $FARM holders might not be aware of the staking opportunity.

We are now on a mission to change that by releasing a reminder in various formats (article/infographics/twitter threads) about $FARM staking every week.

This week, we released this thread that was pretty well received by our audience.

7. $FARM Emissions Update

Find the full Breakdown & details of FARM Emissions for the week 61 here.

Enjoy your weekend, farmers!



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