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Recap: Week 64

VIPs, Readjusted ETH Vaults & More

Dear Farmers,

We’re back with another weekly recap of all the goings-on in the Harvest Finance ecosystem. This week has been a great one for you NFT-lovers, with partnerships and a lucrative ETH vault also adding excitement.

Let’s take a quick look at a summary of what happened this week before going over them in detail.


  1. VIP Perks for Farmers ft. Babylon Finance
  2. Harvest Presence at DCentral Miami Conference
  3. ETH Stakewise Vault ATH + High APY
  4. Celebrating 1 Year of Sushi Vaults
  5. Weekly Emissions Update
  6. Uniswap V3 Vault for BABL Coming Soon
  7. Hiring!

1. Harvest Holders VIP Perks for Babylon Still Available

November 15: Babylon Finance launched its Prophets series of NFTs with exclusive benefits for $FARM and NFT holders. Those eligible would have reserved access to the platform’s Prophets, who come in myriad designs.

The chance to claim NFT prophets that give you access to 5+ $BABL tokens ends on November 19, so if you still haven’t made a claim, now’s your last opportunity!

Details: Medium | Twitter

2. Harvest Presence at DCentral Miami Conference

November 15: Harvest Finance will be a part of the DCentral Miami Conference, with our Community Foreman Red providing the latest details on the alphas from our Farmlands. Join the conference to hear about it and more on Harvest Finance!

The conference takes place November 30 — December 1, 2021, | Details

3. Stakewise Vault Breaks $4M TVL

November 16: 3x APY vs. regular ETH staking? That’s unheard of — except on Harvest Finance! That’s right, Harvest Finance is the only place you can get nearly three times the APY compared to simple ETH staking on Lido.

The Stakewise vault, which has already crossed $4 million in TVL, is a Uniswap V3 Vault with the ETH-sETH2 pair. What’s more, there is no impermanent loss for stakers!

4. Celebrating 1 Year of Sushi Vaults

November 17: We celebrated one year of 4 Sushi farms: $WBTC, $USDC, $DAI, and $USDC, each paired with ETH. In one whole year, farmers have earned over $7.1 million from these fertile farms!

We don’t expect the profitability trend to slow down for these tier 1 vaults.

5. Weekly Emissions Update

November 18: In Week 64 of our $Farm Emissions update, Harvest Finance’s emissions were reduced by 4.44%, with 1,121.47 $FARM distributed to capital and liquidity providers.

Details: Medium

6. Uniswap V3 Vault for BABL Coming Soon

November 18: Lastly, we have more exciting news on the upcoming vaults!

Harvest Finance will launch a Uniswap V3 Vault for the $BABL token after Babylon Finance’s NFT Prophets closes. Make sure to subscribe to our Twitter feed to be the first to know once the vault is live!

Details: Twitter

7. Harvest Seeks Smart Contract and Front-End Builders

November 12: Harvest Finance still has more openings available for smart contract builders and front-end engineers. If you think you’re a good fit for the roles, see the requirements here and here and send us an email at:


The roles are fully remote, can be served both part-time and full-time, and offers payments in crypto!


That’s another fruitful week for Harvest Finance!

Happy farming!

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