AMA on growing your own food, open house on diversity in tech, Kilter updates, Rootconf schedule and workshops, and more!

The HasGeek Newsletter ✉️ — Mar 15th

Here is a quick update on what’s going on at HasGeek this week.


  • Open house this Friday on diversity. Read more and RSVP.
  • AMA on growing your own food today on the Kilter Facebook group and Slack.
  • Rootconf draft schedule will be out on Saturday. Keep an eye on
  • Rootconf DevOps workshop tickets are on sale. Buy them here.
  • Rootconf is in Mumbai this Sunday. Details.
  • Rootconf is in Belgaum on the 25th. Details.
  • Kilter is two weeks away! Get your tickets.
  • Kilter Call for Proposals closes on 18th, Saturday. Submit your talk.
  • Kilter is in Mumbai this Sunday. Details.
  • Kilter meetup on 25th, for entrepreneurs and founders, at Axilor Bangalore. Register.
  • The Fuller Life’s Corporate Health Summit is on 22nd. Register (use discount code KILTER25).

Open house on diversity

Day after tomorrow, 17 March, we have put together an unconference discussion on how to build better programmes for fostering diversity and inclusiveness in tech.

Here’s a gist of what we will talk about:

Community members Krithika Murugesan, Zainab Bawa, Arun Mahadevan, Jyothsna Madabusi, Vidya Ramakrishnan, Shreyas Narayanan Kutty, Karthik Balakrishnan and Shreyas Satish will facilitate un-conference discussions on:

  1. How to develop programmes for women in tech and diversity in tech — be these within your organization or outside?
  2. How to reach out to diversity groups and filter candidates (speakers, participants and stakeholders at conferences) when creating a diversity grants programme?

Arun intends to create a website / blog which lists FAQs about what are the common (and uncommon) biases held against women in tech, and how the Indian situation is different from what we read and hear about from Silicon Valley.

If you have a project about diversity and inclusiveness that you’d like to share, seek volunteers and/or suggestions from the community, show up at this Friday’s open house.

RSVP here:

Rootconf conference updates

We have kept some of our promises from last week:

15 seats are open for Neependra Khare’s and Clifford Williams’ workshops on deploying Kubernetes and learning the basics and advanced of Saltstack and Ansible. If you are looking to learn about these technologies under a good instructor, you should pick a ticket soon!

Workshop dates: 13–14 May

We will publish the first draft of the Rootconf schedule on Saturday, 18 March. Ticket prices will soar from Saturday morning. If you haven’t booked your seats for Rootconf, do so by Friday night! Forewarned is forearmed :)

Register at:

Rootconf is coming to Mumbai on 19th March

On Sunday, 19th of March, we’re having an entire day filled with discussions about DevOps and Infrastructure at Directiplex office in Mumbai. We have a series of great talks lined up for you on topics like Debugging, Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure, Deploying Microservices and Containers and Production Readiness. If you’re in and around Mumbai, don’t miss it!

RSVP here:

Rootconf meetup in Belgaum on 25th March

We’re putting together a Rootconf meetup on the 25th of March where Kracekumar and Swapneel would be covering topics like components of Web application and introduction to Docker. This meetup is a great opportunity if you’re interested in getting your feet wet into DevOps.

RSVP here:

More DevOps training!

Rootconf editor and known figure in India’s DevOps community — Aditya Patwari — is doing a two-day container workshop on Docker platform. The dates — 1 and 2 April — coincide with Kilter conference. Whoever said life’s choices are easy to make! You will either learn how to build, run and manage Docker containers on these two days. Or you will know more about the internals of your body if you decide to show up at Kilter.

Aditya has offered 25% discount to the HasGeek community.

Use the code “HASGEEK” when you book tickets here:

Kilter updates

With Kilter being a little less than 3 weeks away, we’ve prepared a short guide on why you should care about Kilter, our new conference on health, nutrition and fitness.

Why you should attend Kilter 2017:

On ticket prices, twos is the trend for Kilter. Participants are either bringing spouses, friends or near-and-dear ones to Kilter. We are enthused by your commitment to health and fitness.

Here’s what we have done: if you buy two or more tickets to Kilter, you get 10% discount.

This is a great opportunity to bring your family and friends and acquaint them with new diets, fitness practices, food options, etc so that you not only have their full cooperation, but also a voluntary buy-in to caring for their bodies.

You get tickets here:

AMA on growing your own food

Joining us today for an Ask Me Anything on Grow your own food are two experienced urban gardeners from Bangalore: Dr. HG Pushpa Latha, passionate terrace gardener, co-admin of OTG East Bangalore Branch(BEE) & gynaecologist and Anu Radha, urban gardener.

It will be held in parallel on the #kilter channel on Slack and our Facebook group, from 5pm to 6pm on Thursday.

Kilter Open House on Motivation

This week’s Kilter Open House is an open discussion on enthusiasm and motivation. Come share stories with us on how to stay on track and what keeps you going towards your goal. Discussions begin 7pm onwards. As ever, snacks and beer on the house!

RSVP here:

Kilter Mumbai meetup

On 19th March, we’re inviting Mehul Ved and Pravin Dhake to talk about their experience with maintaining fitness while juggling busy schedules. Bonus: If you’re into DevOps, we also have an interesting talk highlighting the similarity between DevOps and fitness!

RSVP here:

Kilter meetup for entrepreneurs and founders

Join the interactive chat at the Axilor office in Bangalore on March 25th, with renowned diet consultant Aniruddha Shankar, where we discuss what entrepreneurs and founders need to fix about their diets for a healthy life.
RSVP here:

Lastly, Kilter Call for Proposals closes on the 18th of March, this Saturday.

Submit your talk:

Corporate Health Summit by The Fuller Life

The Fuller Life is organizing the first Corporate Health Summit in India on 22nd March in Bangalore at the JW Marriott. The inaugural edition aims to show what companies can do to make workforces healthier and give folks tools that they can go back with. With a carefully curated roster of speakers — Accenture, Deloitte, Google and Microsoft — to name a few, this is the first event targeted at HR/EHS folks to address issues as diverse as physical fitness, mental health, women’s wellness and deploying a wellness program across a large workforce.

More details: .
Register at: (Use code KILTER25 for a discount)

And that’s it from us. Thanks for tuning in!

P.S. — Friends of HasGeek is our community Slack team — You can join the community here. You can find me as @karthik.

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