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Cloud Server Management Miniconf updates, Open house on applications of OR & DS in e-commerce, Anthill Inside lecture, ReactFoo Pune and more!

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Apple’s MacOS High Sierra has a security flaw that allows anyone to the access the file system for a Mac, exposing private documents on that particular computer. It’s apparently as easy as entering ‘root’ for username with an empty password.

Read more about the hack here: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/11/macos-bug-lets-you-log-in-as-admin-with-no-password-required/

In case you’re interested in a quick fix before Apple releases an update, here you go: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204012

TFW you realize that the MacOS High Sierra that you recently updated to, allows people to enter root without a password.


  • Cloud Server Management Miniconf Chennai updates and Mumbai schedule
  • Open house on applications of operations research and data science in e-commerce
  • Open house on the fundamentals of cryptoeconomics
  • Anthill Inside lecture and workshop by Gene Kogan
  • ReactFoo Pune
  • Call for Proposals

What’s happening at our end?

On 25th November, we had our first edition of the Cloud Server Management Miniconf in Chennai. In case you missed it, check out the photos from the event here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hasgeek/albums/72157690218282185

You can find the talk videos here: https://hasgeek.tv/rootconf/cloud-server-management-chennai

The schedule for the Cloud Server Management Miniconf Mumbai is out. We have a great line up of speakers.

  • Prateek Gupte, Director of Engineering at Haptik, will talk about their journey to hourly releases
  • Francis Pereria, Head of Infrastructure at CleverTap, will talk about how you can have a sound sleep even while scaling your app to 200k requests/second
  • Mohamed Imran, CTO of E2E Networks, will talk about cloud agnostic approach to computing
  • Madhusudan Shekar, Principal Technical Evangelist at Amazon Internet Services Private Limited, will talk about serverless and walk us through debugging a serverless application.
  • Swapnil Dubey, Data Scientist at Schlumberger, will talk about doing data science on the cloud.
  • Raghu Udiyar, Production Engineering Manager at Helpshift, will talk about their automation principles at Helpshift.
  • Srujan Akumarthi, DevOps Engineer at WebEngage, will talk about resource allocation and looking at metrics.
  • Ambar Seksena, Principal Engineer at CloudCover, and his colleagues will be taking a workshop on Ansible and Terraform for configuration management on AWS.

You can check out the full schedule here: https://rootconf.talkfunnel.com/cloud-server-management-miniconf-mumbai-2017/schedule

Get your tickets now to attend: https://rootconf.in/2017-cloud-server-management-miniconf-mumbai/#tickets

We’ve moved the Delhi edition of the Cloud Server Management Miniconf to 20th January, 2018.
Propose a talk here: https://rootconf.talkfunnel.com/cloud-server-management-miniconf-new-delhi-2017/
Get your tickets here: https://rootconf.in/2017-cloud-server-management-miniconf-delhi-ncr/#tickets

On 1st December, Amit Garg will demystify how the e-commerce industry can benefit from using techniques from Operations Research and Data Sciences.

Today’s world is all about the Internet. It has simplified the busy people’s lives to some extent. In the year 2016, around half of the world’s Internet users have made online purchases. With the arrival of many e-commerce players in the market, retaining the customers has become highly prominent for every e-commerce organization sustainability. To address these concerns, operations research and data science can help e-commerce companies to come up and devise new strategies.

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/314710979005578/

Don’t forget to get your ticket here: https://boxoffice.hasgeek.com/hasgeek/hasgeek-open-house

Learn how to design and implement issuing protocols for tokens in an ICO. Pranay Prateek, the co-founder of TapDiscover will be presenting this theoretical talk dealing with questions of how a protocol should be designed, so the participants behave as they are expected by the protocol. The talk will help you think about protocol design and what issues to keep in mind when designing incentives for a cryptocurrency.

We are hosting artist/programmer Gene Kogan in December. He will deliver a lecture on Decentralized AI and follow that up with a workshop. Tickets are selling out fast. Get yours before they’re all gone!

Lecture on 12th Dec: https://anthillinside.in/2017-dec-bangalore-lecture/
Workshop on 17th Dec: https://anthillinside.in/2017-decentralized-ai-applications/
Read more about Gene and his work here: http://genekogan.com/cv/

We’re soon closing our call for proposals for ReactFoo Pune that’s happening in January 2018. If you have used React and have insights to share, make sure to propose a talk by the end of this week. If you would like to learn from people sharing React experiences, make sure to get your tickets. Prices go up this Friday!

Proposals: https://reactfoo.talkfunnel.com/2018-pune/
Tickets: https://reactfoo.in/2018-pune/

50p blog

Check out the 50p blog for new articles and reading lists every week! Read the interesting explainer on how the Bharat Bill Payment System works here:https://blog.50p.in/bbps-making-households-data-rich-97da8dbf1a91

Call for proposals

ReactFoo 2018 Pune
Dates: 19–20 Jan
Topics: Success & failure stories of implementing React & React Native, migrating from other frameworks, security concerns.
CFP link: https://reactfoo.talkfunnel.com/2018-pune/

Rootconf 2018
Dates: 11–12 May
Topics: Advanced-level talks on architecture, security, application of ML to DevOps and monitoring and alerts.
CFP link: https://rootconf.talkfunnel.com/2018/

50p 2018
Dates: 8–9 Feb
Topics: Lessons from building payment products in India, banking, tech stack of payment companies, applications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, security of payment services and interoperability of payments systems.
CFP link: https://50p.talkfunnel.com/2018/

Upcoming events

Introduction to Recommendation Systems on 16 Dec, Bangalore:
More details here

Decentralized AI applications workshop on 17 Dec, Bangalore:
More details here

That’s it from our end. Have a great week!

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