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CSM interviews, Fundamentals of cryptoeconomics open house, Decentralized AI lecture+workshop and more

The HasGeek Newsletter 💌

Hi there! 👋

  • we may now have the ability to flip the direction of emojis,
  • the frowning poo emoji might not exist anymore
  • teddy bear emoji is among the list of proposed emojis.
Have you ever thought about what modern communication would look like without emojis?


  • Cloud Server Management Miniconf interview videos
  • Open house on Friday on the fundamentals of cryptoeconomics
  • Lecture and workshop on Decentralized AI by Gene Kogan
  • ReactFoo Pune CfP
  • 50p 2018 and ticket structures
  • Call for Proposals

What’s happening at our end?

Cloud Server Management miniconf updates

Open House this Friday at HasGeek house on the fundamentals of Cryptoeconomics

It’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), all of next week:

ReactFoo Pune CfP closing soon

50p 2018

Corporate ticket

  • Access to the conference sessions, workshops,
  • High-tea for developers on 8 February,
  • 50p conference t-shirt with your company’s URL or Twitter handle on the back of the t-shirt, and
  • Listing for the company’s representatives on the website.

Conference + workshop ticket

  • Access to conference sessions + workshops on UPI, security and blockchain.

Conference sessions only ticket

  • Access to the talk sessions at 50p

Product manager ticket

  • Invite to a roundtable session for Product Managers in payments and outside to discuss on traction, customer engagement and understanding customer needs specific to India
  • Access to all talk sessions at 50p
  • Invite to a networking high tea with other PMs.

Call for proposals

Upcoming events



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