Five reasons why you should be at Fragments Conference

Abhishek Balaji
Mar 20 · 2 min read

Join developers, architects and enthusiasts at the Bangalore edition of Fragments Conference on 30 March.

  1. Is it , or ? Platform choices depend not only on business use-case and user traffic. Team size; organization of teams for mobile engineering in a company; learning curve for every platform; ability to ship code faster, are some of the factors that influence platform decisions. Learn from the experiences of BookMyShow and Zerodha and why they made certain platform choices to explore approaches for your product.
  2. Can architecture patterns be extrapolated across teams for good software development? thinks so. In his opinion, maximising predictability through architecture choices and custom tooling is the way forward. Do you agree?
  3. Is Voice worth hedging your bets for augmented experiences, after AR and VR?
  4. Raghunath Jawahar, Varsha Saha and Abhinav Rastogi will guide and encourage native mobile app developers to adopt ideas from some of the popular front-end frameworks on the web and apply them to native app development — a discussion worth being part of.
  5. Engineering for mobile has to cater to , , and such other desirable features. Speakers from Uncommon and Flipkart present their learnings on these.

Intrigued? Block your Saturday for Fragments Bangalore edition.

Date: Saturday, 30 March Time: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM Venue: TERI auditorium, Domlur


Missed the Ahmedabad edition? Catch the highlights below

“It was the best tech event to happen in Ahmedabad that weekend. Being a part of Fragments Ahmedabad not only keeps you updated with latest (developments in) tech, but also introduces you to like-minded and passionate people in your city,” opined Maulik Shah, front-end engineer from Ahmedabad, and Punit Sethi of

Conferences are not just about attending talks; they are about meeting interesting people, and sharing ideas. After all, nothing changed the world more than a good idea and some good people to share your ideas with.

, from Facebook’s React Native team, was surprised to discover a thriving React Native community in Ahmedabad. His interactions with participants at Fragments revealed that Ahmedabad represents a potentially strong tech ecosystem in the making.

Besides talks, we had discussions on platforms for mobile engineering, performance of apps, and a workshop on ReactJS for participants who wanted to familiarize themselves with the platform.

All in all, a houseful event set within a highly interactive environment.

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