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Hacker Math for ML workshop,Anthill Inside Pune,Cloud Server Management miniconf Chennai, Gene Kogan in Bangalore, and more

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Tesla launches new Roadster and semi-truck

On Friday, Tesla announced the launch of their semi-truck, an electric heavy-duty truck, and the new Tesla Roadster that can hit 0–100 mph in less than 5 seconds! The launch event was super interesting. Just when you thought that the launch event was about to end, they announced the new Roadster! It’s really exciting to see electric vehicles pushing the possibilities.

If you’re interested in reading more about it, check out this coverage by Wired: https://www.wired.com/2017/11/elon-musk-launches-teslas-electric-truck-live-coverage/

When was the last time we this were fascinated by a truck?


  • Anthill Inside Pune is happening this Friday
  • Cloud Server Management miniconf Chennai is happening on Saturday
  • Workshop on Hacker Math for Machine Learning in Bangalore
  • Gene Kogan is coming to Bangalore
  • Open house on Visual Linear Algebra at HasGeek house
  • Vue.js meetup
  • Call for Proposals

What’s happening at our end?

Anthill Inside Pune is this Friday

It’s finally here. The machine learning and AI miniconf in Pune is on Friday and the two hands-on beginner workshops are on Saturday. The miniconf is relevant and useful to engineers who want to learn ML-related mathematical concepts, decision makers who want to implement effective analytics, researchers interested in industry requirements and developments, and more.

The workshops are useful for people looking to learn basic machine learning or data science, professionals looking to switch fields and jump into AI, students who want to work with data science.

For a walkthrough of the schedule, visit this blog post: https://medium.com/hasgeek/anthill-inside-pune-schedule-audience-and-more-600ce64bc1dc .

Date and venue:

  • 24 November 2017: full-day conference at Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Viman Nagar.
  • 25 November, hands-on workshops at Helpshift and Wingify offices.

Tickets to the conference: https://anthillinside.in/2017-miniconf-pune/#tickets

Workshop tickets and more information:
https://anthillinside.in/2017-nov-data-science-from-scratch/ and https://anthillinside.in/2017-nov-leapfrog-in-deep-learning-workshop/.

Cloud Server Management Miniconf(Chennai edition) at IIT Madras on Saturday

With just over two days left, we’re really excited about bringing the Cloud Server Management miniconf to Chennai.

Here’s what you get with your conference tickets:

  • An amazing line up of speakers who’ll be sharing their experience and learnings with you, and the opportunity to network and talk to them.
  • Ansible hands-on workshop.
  • $100 AWS credits just for you.

If you’re someone like me who would like to know every minute detail before purchasing a ticket, here’s a blogpost with more information about the talks, workshops and what you can expect at the conference: https://blog.rootconf.in/hasgeek-comes-to-chennai-on-saturday-25-november-7c70821203d4

Get your tickets here: https://rootconf.in/2017-cloud-server-management-miniconf/#tickets

Workshop on Hacker Math for Machine Learning in Bangalore

Want to start a career in data science? Start by learning key mathematical concepts that get used repeatedly in data science applications. In this workshop, you will deep dive into linear algebra, calculus & statistics the “hacker’s way “ — by writing code and vis, not through formulae and proofs. Only two days left, book your spot now!

Venue: IKP EDEN, Bengaluru
Date: 25–26 November 2017
Trainers: Amit Kapoor, Bargava S
For more info, visit: https://fifthelephant.in/2017-nov-hackermath-workshop/

Gene Kogan in Bangalore

We’re glad to announce that we have artist/programmer Gene Kogan in India in December! Gene works at the intersection of machine learning, code, and art, and has conducted numerous workshops on the topic.

He’s delivering a public lecture on the 12th of December at NASSCOM and a workshop on the 17th of December (venue TBA). Tickets are selling out fast! Get yours before they’re gone.

Lecture: https://anthillinside.in/2017-dec-bangalore-lecture/
Workshop: https://anthillinside.in/2017-decentralized-ai-applications/

Open House on Visual Linear Algebra at HasGeek house this Friday

Learning the math behind Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms requires a good solid understanding of Linear Algebra. In this open house, we will aim to understand the essence of Linear Algebra in an interactive and visual way with Amit Kapoor. RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/196159594285605/

Vue.js Meetup

On Saturday, the 25th of Nov, there is a Vue.js meetup between 2PM and 4PM. Seats are limited, so ensure you RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/vue-bangalore/events/244005342/

Call for proposals

ReactFoo 2018 Pune
Dates: 19–20 Jan
Topics: Success & failure stories of implementing React & React Native, migrating from other frameworks, security concerns.
CFP link: https://reactfoo.talkfunnel.com/2018-pune/

Rootconf 2018
Dates: 11–12 May
Topics: Advanced-level talks on architecture, security, application of ML to DevOps and monitoring and alerts.
CFP link: https://rootconf.talkfunnel.com/2018/

50p 2018
Dates: 8–9 Feb
Topics: Lessons from building payment products in India, banking, tech stack of payment companies, applications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, security of payment services and interoperability of payments systems.
CFP link: https://50p.talkfunnel.com/2018/

Upcoming events

Interactive Visualisation for Data Science on 18 Nov, Bangalore:
More details here

Hacker Math for Machine Learning on 25–26 Nov, Bangalore:
More details here

Introduction to Recommendation Systems on 16 Dec, Bangalore:
More details here

Decentralized AI applications workshop on 17 Dec, Bangalore:
More details here

That’s it from our end. Have a great week!

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