HasGeek acquires Bangalore-based communities startup Belong

HasGeek, the company behind India’s largest community of experienced technology professionals and the Hasjob startup job board, announced today their acquisition of neighborhood communities startup Belong.

HasGeek’s technology conferences are widely sought after by startup CTOs and tech leads to demonstrate their technical innovation, to attract feedback, talent and customers, with only an average of 20% being selected to present.

“Our approach of facilitating high quality technical discussions has helped us build a community of the smartest people in India today,” said HasGeek co-founder Zainab Bawa.

“This community-driven approach is how we build a pipeline for talent, which is key to solving the hiring problem. This happens at our conferences and our free job board, Hasjob” added co-founder Kiran Jonnalagadda. Hasjob has been used by over 9000 employers to find candidates, who submit over 80,000 resumes every year.

HasGeek plans to integrate Belong’s community chat technology across its apps.

“Belong’s aim is to bring communities closer together through online discussion spaces. This perfectly complements HasGeek’s mission to provide discussion spaces for geeks through their fantastic conferences and events,” said Belong co-founder Aravind Ravi-Sulekha.

Both companies are notable for releasing all their technology under open source licenses. HasGeek’s Kiran Jonnalagadda and Belong’s Aravind Ravi-Sulekha already work together as volunteers of the SaveTheInternet campaign for net neutrality, and as co-founders of its successor organization, the Internet Freedom Foundation.

HasGeek, founded in 2010 by Kiran Jonnalagadda and Zainab Bawa, hosts the Hasjob job board and organizes several annual technology conferences including The Fifth Elephant, on data and analytics; Rootconf, on infrastructure; JSFoo, on JavaScript; Meta Refresh, on front-end engineering and design; droidconIN, on Android; 50p, on payments infrastructure; and Kilter, on health via nutrition, fitness and habits.

Belong, founded in 2016 by Aravind Ravi-Sulekha, Gaurav Srivastava, Kashmira Chawak, Harish Kumar V and Satyajit Sahoo operates several neighborhood communities across India.