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How do you learn, what do you decide to learn and why?

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How do you learn? What do you decide to learn and and why? We want to know!

What matters more — culture, cadence or infrastructure? Questions for Rootconf 2018

  1. Cadence of the team.
  2. Communication between teams.
  3. Autonomy of teams.
  4. Establishing a set of principles for the organization.
  5. Knowledge of, and accountability to, the customer.

Here’s what happened at the Node.js Hacknight

WhatsApp UPI — learn more about the new features

We have a schedule for ReactFoo Hyderabad

After Hyderabad, ReactFoo travels to Mumbai and Delhi

  1. Submitting a talk.
  2. Proposing to teach a workshop.
  3. Volunteering at the conference.
  4. Sponsoring the events for evangelising developer tools and hiring

Deep learning bootcamp

50p Handbook


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