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JSFoo meetup, Kilter metrics challenge, and confirmed talks for JSFoo,ReactFoo & Fragments

The HasGeek Newsletter ✉️ — August 16

Hi there! 👋🏻

How did your long weekend go? Most of us are back at work after a fun weekend.

Some of us have a slightly extended vacation and are getting back only later this week. And to the others who didn’t get a long weekend off, as someone once said- “Work hard in silence, let your success make all the noise.”

Gearing up for checking and replying to emails after a long weekend be like…

What’s happening at our end?

In addition to last week’s talks, we’ve confirmed some new talks at JSFoo, ReactFoo & Fragments.


  1. Demand Driven Applications with GraphQL by Vinci Rufus.
    Vinci will introduce us to the concept of Demand Driven Architecture and how tools like GraphQL are solving most of the problems we face with REST APIs.
  2. Demystifying Web Components as the Weapon for Web Convergence by Rahat Khanna.
    Web Components will enable all developers to build performant, maintainable web apps unlocking the full potential of the browser. Rahat will walk us through web components and explain how to develop them and use them.
  3. Scheduling background tasks in JavaScript to boost performance and DOM interactivity at large scale by Vivek Jagtap.
    Vivek will be showing first how webpage starts becoming unresponsive when DOM elements increases (e.g. placing thousands of markers on map), how other elements on page becomes unresponsive while scrolling, and then a technique called scheduler can help to avoid these hiccups.
  4. Modular-services in a Nodejs Monolith by Naval Saini.
    Microservices are described as services with a few hundred lines of code. Modules are blocks of functionality that are bigger than micro services, a few files ideally. A few modules can be piped/joined together to make an app. Naval compares and contrasts Modular Monoliths to Microservices and talks about challenges to splitting monoliths into services.
  5. Building a PWA using Polymer by Ashrith Kulai.
    Ashrith will provide an introduction into Web Components and PolymerJS, then walk us through using Polymer features and how easy it is to build a PWA.


  1. Add superpowers to your React components using Decorators by Siddharth Kshetrapal.
    Decorators give you the power to enhance your React classes and class methods. They have made it to stage 2 of the tc39 process and will land in browsers soon! We can start using them today with a babel transform. Siddharth is going to tell us how.
  2. Importance of testing & Right way to test React components by Manjula Dube.
    This talk will focus on how & why testing is important in software development. This talk will also cover how testing is planned and executed in BookMyShow.
  3. Better Async with Redux Saga by Kushan Joshi. Generators are very different from anything javascript has had in the past. This turns off many people to adopt Redux Sagas. Kushan will explain generators and then also cover how async actions are handled in projects at Mapbox.


  1. Effective and efficient mobile engineering by Pratul Kalia. This talk is aimed at project managers, engineering managers, or anyone else who finds themselves leading a mobile development team. It’s an rundown on the inherent pitfalls and challenges teams run into, and some possible solutions to them. Learn more.
  2. Lottie: Animating the bridge between Designers and Developers by Chetan Sachdeva.
    Lottie is a tool by Airbnb to make designing and implementing animations on Android and iOS as easy as exporting from After Effects. Learn more.

JSFoo meetup on React at @WalmartLabs on Saturday

On the 19th of August, we’re putting together a meetup on React, along with React JS Bangalore community, at WalmartLabs. We have a series of talks around the following topics:

  • A Beginners guide to setting up React project using npm, babel6, webpack and express server by Kavitha.
  • Navigation in React Native apps by Kiran Abburi.
  • Code splitting with React Router 4 and Webpack 2 by Kamlesh Chandnani.
  • Redux middlewares by Darpan Kakadia.
  • Do you even jam bruh? by Siddharth Kshetrapal.
  • React + Typescript by Jorge Lainfiesta.

This is a great opportunity to learn from and interact with a great mix of people who work on React.

Walmart Labs,
Sy No 15/2 & 14, 4th, 5th & 6th Floors.
A-Block, Salarpuria Aura Building,
Kadubeesenahalli, Outer Ring Road Bangalore

Date: 19th August

Time: 2 PM — 5 PM

RSVP link: https://jsfoo.in/reactjs-walmart-meetup/

Kilter Metrics Challenge

The Kilter Metrics Challenge is gaining speed with 49 members on the Whatsapp group (https://chat.whatsapp.com/JYQlQrlsTTY2nyfpMjCj72) and nine people taking the challenge pledge (https://goo.gl/forms/wa61vIpsv9kkhBMi1). Last week we measured, weighed, and calculated. This week we turn our focus to lab tests. What blood metrics should you know? Basics like blood composition (CBC), cholesterol and blood glucose are a good place to start but there are more. Read this week’s blog post for details (https://blog.kilter.in/kilter-metrics-challenge-lab-tests-9c587b78586b) or join the Whatsapp group to join in.

On Sunday, August 20, from 8–10 am, come to Cubbon Park for the next segment of our challenge — fitness testing. We’ll do some exercise tests as a group to assess our personal best. Everyone is welcome and the event is free.

Friday, August 25th is the Kilter Metrics Challenge open house at HasGeek from 7:30–8:30. Bring your metrics, your stories, and your questions to this open discussion on metrics and science-based body hacking

Data Science Bootcamp

Date: 5 Sundays starting from 20th August 2017
Venue: HasGeek House, Bangalore
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/cwEDYtMJJ572
Instructors: Amit Kapoor, Bargava S, and Anand Chitipothu
Duration: 5 days

The availability of data has provided a rich playground to build data-driven products to help take business decisions. Whether you want to predict the resale value of an second hand car, classify whether a customer will default on a loan product, or recommend which product a user is likely to buy next — they all use data science and machine learning in the process. The ability to take a business problem, frame it as as an analytical problem and then provide a solution to the business to take decisions on it, has become an important skill to learn. Amit Kapoor, Bargava S, and Anand Chitipothu have designed a five day intensive bootcamp to get people started on their journey to build data-driven product.

The bootcamp is structured as follows:

Sunday, 20th Aug: The Art of Data Science
Learn how to solve business problem using data science
Sunday, 27th Aug: Data Visualisation for Data Science
Gain a deeper understanding on the art and science of data visualisation
Sunday, 3rd Sept: HackerMath for Machine Learning
Learn key mathematical concepts that get used repeatedly in machine learning applications by writing code
Sunday, 10th Sept: Applied Machine Learning
Go deeper in to the ML model building, evaluation and selection process and learn how to choose the right model
Sunday, 17th Sept: Full Stack Data Science
Learn how to create a data-product from your ML models

Between these classes, participants will be working on a different data-set and applying what they have learned in the class so that the concepts learned can be consolidated by practice. Support for answering their queries as well as peer-to-peer learning will be provided through the use of messaging platform like Slack.

For more information, visit the website: https://fifthelephant.in/2017-aug-ds-bootcamp/

ICYMI, here’s the series of Data science and deep learning events.

  • Amit Kapoor and Bargava S are also doing a 2-day Deep Learning bootcamp next month. Read more about it here.
  • Sumod M, Shivarajkumar Magadi, Dhivakar Kanagaraj, and Senthil Palanisamy are doing a Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Computer Vision workshop on 4th November. Read more about it here.

Fragments is on 12–13 Sept, Bangalore:

ReactFoo is on 14 Sept, Bangalore:
Call for Proposals | Tickets

JSFoo is on 15–16 Sept, Bangalore:

Meta Refresh is on 30 November, Bangalore:
Call for Proposals

CMS Conf is on 1 December, Bangalore:
Call for Proposals

That’s it from our end. Have a great week!

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