Unravel the mystery of the “food court”

Do you like to eat? So do we! HasGeek staff are foodies and also health conscious. We know you are, too. So in December 2015, we completely reworked our event food to provide more choices, better nutrition and suitable for different diet practitioners.

HasGeek introduced the Food Court where we collaborate with various food startups to offer participants a variety of options in packaged meals.

What kind of food can one find at the food court at HasGeek conferences? Well, here is the selection

  • Vegetarian
  • Non-vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Low carb
  • Beverage counters serve tea/coffee which are sugarless and our coffee counter have choices for vegan and ketogenic diets
  • Desserts that also support vegan and keto diet plans.

While most of our Food Court partners will have both veg and non-veg options, some excel in diet specific food. Amelthea, Chefkraft, and 48 East have items on their menu specific to keto, vegan and paleo, if you are someone following one of these you might want to visit these stalls and try out their fare.

Who are you?

Are you someone

  • Who is Indian not just at heart but also in your choice of cuisine, check out Innerchef for North Indian and Masala Box for North Indian, South Indian and everything across and in between.
  • Who favours Mediterranean cuisine, check out 48 East
  • Who is a fan of Far East cuisine, check out Chefkraft and 48 East
  • Who is in love with the French cuisine, check out Le Casse Croute, food truck
  • Who is happy with rolls, check out the Kaati Zone food truck
  • Who enjoys salads, ask Chefkraft and 48 East what they would recommend

The meat used by our vendors is HALAL and as a special request we have asked the vendors not to serve pork or beef at the event.

The Food Court is designed for you and we would love to get your feedback. Do you know someone who you think is a good fit for the food court, connect them with us by dropping a mail to info@hasgeek.com.

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