Acknowledgement to our supports!

On May 18, 2018, HashPro Cloud Bitcoin Mining started the advertising before its webiste was officially launched, enthousiasts can get free hashpower by signing up on our (beta version), and start mining to earn their first coins.

We would like to give special thanks to our oversea’s supporters, they are posting’s register tutorials in different languages on Facebook, Youtube, twitter and other cryptocurrency forums, thanks to their effort, Hashpro has acquired more than 50 thousands users across the world during only one month.

Before the end of this month, HashPro Cloud Bitcoin Mining platform will officially launch its website:, this new website can support multi-language applications, provide mining contracts for various cryptocurrencies, including alternative currencies, and accept different payment methods. Unlike other platforms, HashPro owns its proper mining datacenters and stable power supply, moreover, we are offering the best services and contracts solutions. Our multiple incentives plan will spur partners to promote HashPro’s products and dissiminate our brand.

The airdrop hashpower campaign will end before the offical launch of our website, sign up at and start your mining journey now!

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