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Hashbon Half-Yearly Progress Report

Hashbon Progress Report: September 2021-March 2022

Good day to all HASH raccoons from the Hashbon team! We are really happy that you constantly address questions about the Hashbon FiRe ecosystem and products, that’s why we built up such a report. We’ve been going through a lot of changes and developments since our last launched project — Hashbon Rocket. Let’s highlight what has been done since September.

HASH token Pre-sale was finished and distributed, for that the participants had to pass KYC according to the policies we have to follow

Hashbon Rocket staking was launched with APY up to 171.46% as well as 10% Hashbon Staking referral program

Pre-sale participants got their Special Secret bonus — higher APY for staking (231.36%)

HASH liquidity was added: we have increased volume pool of HASH trading pairs and added more trading pairs on the existing exchanges

More trading pairs were added to Hashbon Rocket exchange

We have held bunch of activities and giveaways in Reddit and Telegram communities. Payments to the winners were done in HASH

We updated our Hashbon Rocket website design and interface to make it more user-friendly, added a WalletConnect option, ONTO wallet option and other new developments

Hashbon Rocket was listed on DappRadar, HASH token was listed on LiveCoinWatch

Numerous new articles were published on WarcherGuru, Hackernoon, News BTC, Blockonomi, CryptoDaily, TechBullion, Bitcoin Insider, ZyCrypto, BTC Peers, BTC Manager, DailyCryptoPost, FXleaders, Bitrates and more

50,000,000 HASH tokens have been released on Polygon (The link to HASH token’s polygon contract).

Hashbon is now partnered with #Ontology (ONTOwallet now supports HASH Token as well as in-app HASH staking), #Unifarm and #XinFin which led to our first AMA-sessions in both ONTO’s and UniFarm’s communities, as well as in our community. Numerous negotiations and calls with our potential partners are in the process right now.

We released our new and polished Hashbon Roadmap 2.0the progress of its implementation can be tracked on GitHub in the real time!

Hashbon Farming with an APY of up to 248.29% was added to our platform!

✅ 5 million HASH Tokens have been deployed on XinFin’s XDC Network. Here you may find HASH Token’s XDC address.

We are finalizing Hashbon visual structure and its logo as well as new designs for our social media

Our team is growing! Since September we’ve got lots of new members recruited:

  • Chief Operating Officer: Yury
  • 2 new recruiters: Xenia and Albina
  • A programmer-analyst: Alexander
  • One more Business Development specialist: Daniil
  • A full-time HTML-Layout specialist: Andrew
  • A product designer: Ed
  • A front-end Developer: Egor
  • A software testing specialist: Artem
  • A new designer: Kate
  • A back-end Developer: Alexey
  • A seo-specialist: Alexander

Now there are 38 employees in our friendly and professional team!

With that being said, It’s important to note that our team and product line are constantly growing! We’re excited to share with you all of our developments in near real-time through our Hashbon Weekly Reports. Stay tuned because we have incredibly exciting news coming your way!

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