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We’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who took part in this AMA session! It proved to be one of the most fun and entertaining events we’ve had in a while. We’d like to thank SpaceSwap’s Christine for making our day, you’ve been great and you’ve truly charmed our community :)

In case you missed our AMA, bellow you can find the transcript. Trust us, this is an AMA you’d wanna read!

Anna: Ladies and Gentlemen! We’d like to welcome you abroad our Hashbon community!

This is Anna and I’m Hashbon’s Community Manager. Joining us today is SpaceSwap’s very own CBDO, Christine!
Thank you all for joining today’s AMA session!

Welcome to our community, Christine. Let’s give her a warm welcome, everyone! :)

Christine: Thanks for having me here today) Hi Hashbon community!

Anna: In order for our community to learn more about you, could you tell us a bit about yourself?🤗

Christine: Sure) I’m Christine, I’m 31 and I am a CBDO at SpaceSwap, a part of an ecosystem including SpaceSwap, NFT Stars marketplace and Sidus Heroes game. Started my career in crypto as a support manager, been through a lot (like a CTO assistant for example) 😂 Fan of EVM compatible chains and DeFi itself)

Anna: Yeah I see you’ve gone through a long way! 😁
Thank you for the wonderful introduction, Christine!

Now let’s jump right into our moderator questions, shall we? 🔥

Christine: Sure, I am ready)

Anna: Perfect! Our first question — Could you tell us a bit about SpaceSwap project and what inspired its name?

Christine: Oh, just tell me when I stop. I can talk about SpaceSwap forever. But let’s cut a long story short)

Our project is already almost 2 years old — born in September 2020. The project was created to achieve an ambitious goal — to be a DeFi aggregator — and we’re on three blockchains now. We started with Ethereum, later adding Binance Smart Chain and the latest chain is Avalanche. Speaking about the products we develop, the main thing here is what we ourselves would like to use. Its classic features are farming, NFT, a launchpad…

SpaceSwap was born from one spontaneous idea formed by like-minded people who were previously involved in various CeFi projects. The team just fell in love with the concept of DeFi and everything connected to it. Add to this some geekiness inherent to many guys in the IT field, the motto “to infinity… and beyond”, one of the long term goals for creating our own DEX and we get SpaceSwap.

Anna: Sounds really sweet! 😊

Christine: And since we are cuties our mascots are also cuties — cows, hedgehogs and cats traveling through the Space

Infinity is not really the limit for us. In two years of operating, our developers and managers have built a whole ecosystem, including the NFT marketplace NFT Stars https://nftstars.app/ and a large-scale P2E project SIDUS HEROES https://sidusheroes.com/ , which our team built in conjunction with the NFT 256 Art team and the Play Display studio.

Anna: Yeah we are all cuties! Btw, I love your mascots !

Christine: I wonder how we missed a Raccoon))

Anna: 😂 So that’s the perfect match with our Hashbon Raccoon!

Christine: I think we should create an NFT collection for breeding space cows and raccoons

Anna: Love this idea! We should, for sure! 🤩

Thank you for such a detailed explanation!
Let’s move to the second question: Many projects have come across difficulties working in the DeFi industry. This can act as a catalyst for the creation of a product or service. What difficulties did SpaceSwap face that inspired the birth of a service?

Christine: Since we have several products, I will tell you about some of them.

Anna: Sure! That’s just what we need!

Christine: Of course, any project should be a solution to some problem. When we first launched, the most popular DeFi concept was farming. However, speculation, rugpulls and other charms so to speak, discredited the very idea of it. We wanted to kill a few birds with one stone.

So firstly, we wanted to kick off on a ‘fair launch’ basis. We didn’t have a pre-sale, users received project coins by participating in farming. And secondly, to polish the farming concept itself, which is why we came up with a completely new technology called Shadow staking.

Anna: Wow, cool

Christine: This is how it happened with everything. Our launchpad, for example, is the search for a solution to the question, “how can we make the process as transparent and as fast as possible while providing equal opportunities to both large and small investors?” Plus, we were resolved on completing an important task to collate together projects that would be of interest to our community.

Some tasks obviously required expansion, so SpaceSwap became the starting point for NFT Stars and SIDUS in terms of blockchain mechanics.

And we believe this is just a beginning

Anna: It is, I believe your project has a great future 🚀

Christine: Good partnerships will help much on this way)

Anna: True, that’s what we think as well 💪

That was a great explanation from you Christine! Thank you!

Let’s jump to our next question: As you mentioned already and we all know, SpaceSwap created what is called shadow farming. Christine, could you tell us what it is and what makes it special?

Christine: oh yes

I just mentioned Shadow in the previous question. This is our favorite development and in February, we celebrated its anniversary. By the way I was among the first testers, so kind of feeling related more than a usual manager)

Actually, Shadow is our answer to users’ security problems and to developers’ high costs when performing complex calculations on the blockchain.

It is a Layer 2 solution that allows you to 1) farm without actually sending tokens to the contract address, allowing you to keep your LPs and other tokens stored safely inside your wallet and the system periodically checks your balance and calculates the required number of rewards.

2) during the process of development, we realized that the technology actually has no limits since it is a back-end add-on that’s synchronized with the blockchain. It actually issues coupons for the implementation of this or that action, which is then performed on the open blockchain. All complex calculations are carried out at the back-end, so the technology allows you to build voluminous applications in terms of functionality. This is still fast, accurate and does not require developers to pay gas fees.

More details can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm9aRWY29do

Anna: Wow, you must have felt really proud of this!

Christine: yeah, like a proud mom) hmmm at least mother-in-law)))

Anna: 😂 I love your sense of humor

Christine: That’s why I am a CBDO😉

Anna: True 😁

Christine: For ones who would like to learn more on the Shadow origin, pls take a look https://blog.spaceswap.app/tpost/8fdffljkn1-spaceswap-shadow-technology-one-year-ann

Anna: Yes, we will do and I believe our community will also love to study about the Shadow origin 😊

Christine: Guys you are welcome any time) Our community managers will be glad to tell you everything they know and even wake the devs up for a proper explanation)

Anna: Thanks! That’s very nice to hear 😉

We are moving on further. Our next question is:

There is a large number of investors that focus on the token’s short-term price instead of the long-term value of a project. What incentives does SpaceSwap offer investors to stick around and HODL?

Christine: Oh yes, paper hands — diamond hands, story as old as time

First of all, our tokenomics includes 2 tokens: MILK2 — native farming token and SHAKE — a limited supply of 5 thousand on three blockchains. Users can create their own SHAKE tokens by burning MILK2 tokens.

Holding SHAKE entitles you to a regular MILK2 airdrop. This is a looped system.

But the most interesting use case now, of course, is the launchpad, enabling holders to access sales — access to sales is available for MILK2 holders and for SHAKE holders.

Also, a mini-game universe is under active development. We’d like to invite your community to fight with ours 😉 Access to all the games is through the native tokens.

Anna: Great, and I like the names of your tokens: they complement each other perfectly 😏

Christine: yes) MILK2. SHAKEn not stirred)

In addition, we will very soon be launching regular burning lotteries with the active support of Chainlink.
Other events include LP airdrops for holders, early NFT sales and our regular NFT Mania quests with solid prizes.

Anna: Yep, sales can attract investors to HODL!

Perfect, so you have a lot of activities and developments coming soon, very attractive!

Christine: Yes, in crypto you never stop) you move or ..

Anna: Yep, always moving and creating something new

I think we can continue with our last moderator question. Shall we?

Christine: Sure

Anna: Perfect!

Christine, you told us that SpaceSwap has its own Launchpad. Could you tell us some of its killer features that set it apart from the competition?

Christine: Yes, our SpaceSwap Starter launchpad was officially launched in December 2021. The first event was the SIDUS and SENATE tokens’ IDO for our native SIDUS project.

We wanted to develop a system in which both large and small holders of our native coins have equal opportunities. We think we have achieved this. Additionally, the site has both a sale contract and its own vesting portal.

I will say more — currently we’re actively working on the development of a farming marketplace based on the principles of Shadow farming. The concept is simple: after the sale, users will be able to stake their project tokens (for those who wish to create their own pools) with us. In a nutshell, it’s a one-stop-station, everything we like. Buy, claim, stake.

Anna: Yeah, the idea of equal opportunities is a great one

Christine: And another important point is that we never stop. We are currently implementing a hybrid system of tiers that takes our current system into account. We also hold INO events.
Also wanted to say THANKS to our dev team and the launchpad manager — this guys rock!

At the moment, the market is a bit quiet in terms of IDOs, but we think this is the best time to improve, polish and build connections.

Anna: I see your dev team is doing an amazing job

Right, time to slow down and work on polishing everything to rock the industry 🔥

Christine: Just like yours) One of the main reasons we wanted to cooperate is a great level of the Hashbon tech development. We are tech maniacs in SpaceSwap

Anna: Oh our guys from dev team are hard workers as well, that’s a fact 😁
Thank you!

Thank you Christine for your thorough answers! I think this concludes our moderator questions. Shall we hop into our Twitter questions? 😊

Christine: please go ahead)

Anna: For this segment, the community has submitted questions addressing SpaceSwap. We have pre-selected 3 questions and will be presenting them to Christine.

Question 1 by Chad @BIRENDR05909154

Most of the questions people had during the AMA strengths of the project. So at this time, can we talk about your difficulties and challenges? What difficulties did you face developing this project and how did you overcome them?

Christine: Oh. This seems to be my favorite question from today’s session.

absolutely fairly noted that it is most often habitual to talk about results and unfairly omit those difficulties and challenges that actually become the impetus for development.

I think that in this regard we are not an exception to the rule and we are faced with the main problems of DeFi and crypto in general.

I will list a couple, perhaps they will resonate.

Anna: Sure

Christine: 1. Speed

in DeFi it is customary to work quickly, to forge while the iron is hot — what is a trend today, tomorrow may already be forgotten. In this mode, we are constantly faced with time pressure and a certain burnout of the team from developers to community managers.

For ourselves, we are still trying to find the perfect balance — to respond to the challenges of the market, constantly adapt and improve products, but not chase the outbreak. It is better to move gradually, but relentlessly. But anyway, this business requires a certain amount of flexibility — it’s not for everyone, definitely. And here you feel alive like nowhere else. I’ve heard this from colleagues many times. By the way, especially from developers.

Anna: Yeah, crypto industry is developing with a huge speed

Christine: one more Strong exposure to market fluctuations

sometimes it’s even frightening

Turbulence in the market cannot bypass us, on the contrary, if a crypto asset moves contrary to the market, this is a signal to think about how honest the project is, how organic its audience is, etc. The answer here, and everywhere is the same — Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.

Anna: It looks like a high-speed race 😁

Christine: Spacerace))

But we are SpaceSwap for a reason

Anna: Great moto

Christine: yep, Roosevelt was right, I guess

Anna: A smart guy)))

Omg your stickers are too cute to be true

Christine: We should def do a special collaborative collection

Anna: Yep!

I think we can move to

Question 2 by Edward Caro @EdwardMastah:

Sad to say , some STARTER platform have very limited support to their startup project leading to failure.
May I ask ,
What are the support-system given by SPACESWAP STARTER?
Do you have Post-IDO support and community-growth?

Christine: Very nice question because it asks a fundamental problem — what is a launchpad? What is its purpose?

If we are only talking about fundraising, such an enterprise will quickly end its existence.

However, do not confuse the launchpad with a permanent employee who will lead the project by hand, it sounds a bit utopian, to be honest, and is simply not interesting.

We often hear that this huge launchpad made a sale and forgot about project X. But to be honest, the very fact of launching on a large platform is already a fairly serious contribution to the promotion of the project.

As a quite young platform, we have the opportunity to approach the process more individually. We organize pre-training in the form of materials and AMA, after that we also stay in touch with launched projects, however, such interaction is in the nature of partnerships with equal projects, and not coaching by a senior.

Anna: Great explanation

Okay, I see. I hope Edward got the full answer to his question 🤗

Question 3 by Edward Caro @EdwardMastah:

Yes , SPACESWAP is a unique and feature-rich project , But , we need to see more ADOPTION.
What are the strategies to increase your USER-ENGAGEMENTS?
How will you drive your ‘’mass adoption’’?

Christine: Yes, adoption and onboarding is a fairly specific problem in fintech

In a nutshell — in addition to directly financial instruments, we are trying to develop interaction with the community — we regularly hold mini-quizzes on topics close to the blockchain, we have a regular major event — NFT mania quest, our holders can take part, and not only them.

We are also working on additional use cases — we are developing a whole gaming mini-universe, organically integrated into our project.

An important role here is played by interaction with other projects from our field — therefore we are very grateful for today’s invitation and we are waiting for representatives of the Hashbon project to visit us. Good networking is an important part of mass adoption.

Anna: Quizzes and quests are usually both interactive and educational so yeah, nice move ☺️

Christine: yep. we started Learn2Earn before it became a trend)

Anna: We are in our turn grateful to have you here!

This concludes our Twitter segment.

Now we’ll be unmuting the group for 10–15 minutes. Make sure you ask your best questions and Christine will choose 2. No duplicates, please. Ask your own questions or you will be disqualified :)

Christine: I am ready))

Anna: Guys, thank you! The group is muting again. Over 1000 questions are sufficient 😁

Christine: Too bad we can not cover all of them. But you guys are always welcome in our group chats

Anna: We’ll give Christine 10–15 minutes to choose the best 2 question and prepare answers for them :)

Christine: yes please

First Telegram question:

Author: I’m Jami | NMD 🇵🇭

How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience on working in crypto and non-crypto project?

Christine: I would like to pick this one to say how much I admire our team. It consists of people with a great experience located all over the world. Our CEO, Dan is in Australia, developers, community managers, editors and other guys are from Far East to the US. I suppose we cover all the time zones existing. Dev and BD team is formed from specialists with at least 5 year exp. We have our ups and downs, but we are no rookies) so we have what it takes to move forward, join the SpaceRace

Anna: Thanks! That’s sweet 🥰

Second Telegram question:

Author: Satan

IF THE BEAR MARKET COMES will your token PROBABLY DUMP? Do you have any plan to prepared for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell ?

Christine: And this one, cause it covers one of the most painful topics for crypto. How a project copes with bad (really bad market conditions). I may not reveal the secret telling that on a bear market all tokens actually dump. What is more important — how do you handle the situation. Week projects made only for getting money goes to dust without any recovery. Solid ones take market pauses as an opportunity for development. And ofc the team is important. “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” Sorry, Game of thrones fan here))

Anna: Ahaahhah I have watched just the first season of Game of thrones but I thought immediately that this citation might be from there 😄

Christine: Sure/ we have one thing in common (GOT and Crypto fans). Everyone knows that the winter is coming)

Anna: You are saying great things Christine! Thank you for this answer

Christine: Thank you for having me here today) Can’t wait to chat with you guys tomorrow

Anna: On that note, we end today’s AMA session! Congratulations to everyone who participated in the questions segment, contact me directly so we can send rewards your way! Make sure you share your address too 🔥

A special thank you goes out to our dear friend Christine! You’ve been wonderful 🥰

Christine: Thank you Anna! was a great pleasure talking to you today) I remember good community mod days) may the force be with you!

Anna: Make sure you follow SpaceSwap’s socials and read up on their documentation to learn more:

Thank you! Was a pleasure talking to you too!
Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

Christine: Just thank you guys, stay strong and HODL (not an investment advice hehe)

Again, we’d like to give Christine a warm thank you for being a wonderful guest! She made us laugh and educated us with regards to SpaceSwap’s latest developments. Here’s to our further collaboration as we transform the industry, together!

Also, keep in mind that Today at 12 UTC, Hashbon will be a guest in SpaceSwap’s community, where we will continue our chat while providing you with even more rewards! Mark your calendars and we’ll see you tomorrow! :)

Always make sure you follow up with our announcements:

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