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Hashbon Weekly Report 06/06

Greetings, HASHtronauts!

his week, a lot was completed. We’re excited to finally announce that Hashbon Pass is now live. Join our movement and let’s put an end to the prevalent issue of data leaks in this industry. In today’s issue of the Hashbon Weekly Report, we’ll be discussing numerous tasks that we’ve been working on. We have a lot to share, so let’s jump right into it!


  • Hashbon Pass website has been launched. In 24 days we’ll be fully releasing our finished product. If you’re a business interested in checking out what makes Hashbon Pass special, you can book a demo right now. If you’re a consumer looking to safeguard your data from standard malicious industry practices, mark your calendars!
Source: pass.hashbon.com
  • In Hashbon, addresses will be generated based on clients’ requests instead of automatically upon account creation. This will dramatically decrease requests sent to the blockchain, resulting in a more efficient integration with the network.
Source: hashbon.com
  • DogeCoin’s integration has been connected to the test server. It is currently being tested and finalized prior to the launch
  • The technical specifications of our NFT Passport are being finalized.

Product & Business Development

  • We continue to work on landing strategic partnerships that would bring benefits to our community as well as expand the utility of our product line
  • We’ve just completed our cross-AMA along with SpaceSwap. We had a great time with the team and our communities won rewards! We have more upcoming partnerships so stay tuned.
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/48756
Source: https://t.me/SpaceSwap/158853
  • We have submitted applications for listings on market places. This is concerning Hashbon Rocket, Hashbon.com & Hashbon Pass
  • We have sent requests for Token listings to update our documentation. This would reflect our shift in focus towards our newest release — Hashbon Pass

Marketing & PR

  • We announced our latest product, Hashbon Pass — The world’s first anonymous KYC protocol. This is big news and we’ve been working on it for half a year. We’re extremely excited to share this release with you all, HASHtronauts!
Source: https://medium.com/hashbon-fire/anonymous-kyc-hashbon-introduces-nft-passport-for-real-web3-tokenized-id-a79d757d3392
  • Hashbon’s AMA sessions transcripts with SpaceSwap have been published. Here you may find SpaceSwap’s & Hashbon’s AMA transcripts.
Source: https://medium.com/hashbon-fire/hashbon-spaceswap-ama-ef6ab4b07ba6
  • Our Hashbon Pass bitcointalk announcement has been published. Check it out, shoot your questions, and let’s have a discussion! Additionally an announcement has been made on 11 more crypto forums in order to maximize our reach with regards to our newest release.
Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5401226.0
  • We continue to provide our Telegram Community with events and interesting reads! Here is what we had for you last week:
  • The Hashbon Weekly Report: Stay informed regarding our tasks and what we’ve done during the previous week.
Source: https://medium.com/hashbon-fire/hashbon-weekly-report-30-05-4b23e0420c56
Source: Source:https://t.me/hashbon_chat/48710
  • Tech Sketch: Stay up to date with the tech-processes of our ecosystem Hashbon FiRe (Finance Reinvented)
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/48732
  • First Things First: The week’s most important news, trust us, you don’t want to miss these! :)
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/53999
  • Hashbon x SpaceSwap AMA: We hosted an AMA session in our community. A huge thank you to our very own Anna for being a great host, and to our partners from SpaceSwap! It was an event full of fun and rewards for you all! In case you missed it, here you can view the full AMA transcript!
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/48756
  • Hashbon Space Edition: In the past, our Hashbon Space Edition issues took us all over the world as we explored crypto regulation in different geographical hotspots!. This week, we discussed a topic relevant to our current release, the top 5 data leaks. Due to the rapid shift the world has seen in the tech industry, it is useful to stay informed regarding data safe-keeping practices. We hope you enjoy this week’s issue of Hashbon Space Edition!
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/54067

With that being said, this week has been full of developments! There’s a lot more where that came from, so always make sure you follow up with our announcements. We have fantastic news lined up for you all:

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