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Hashbon Weekly Report 11/04

Greetings, HASHtronauts!

We continue to work behind the scenes on our upcoming release! While we do so, we have some updates that we’d like to share with you all. Again, since most of our updates relate to our upcoming release, this issue will also adhere to the cryptic style we’ve adopted recently. With that being said, here is your latest issue of the Hashbon Weekly Report Insider edition.


  • Finalizing our next MVP (adding final touches, testing its functions and stability).
  • We’re actively working with services that facilitate integral functions of our upcoming product.
  • Bug fixes for Hashbon Rocket & Hashbon React.

Product & Business Development

  • Ongoing Strategic negotiations regarding potential partnerships with the top Crypto projects. We continue negotiating strategic partnerships with potential leaders of the crypto industry.
  • Our upcoming release’s WP, Pitch Deck, as well as legal documentation are being created and/or finalized.

Our white paper is in its final stage;

We’ve collected inputs regarding our pitch deck as well as its content;

Our legal documentation and policy relating to GDPR compliance are being finalized.

  • The design of our upcoming release’s personal cabinet has been finalized.
  • We’re conducting meetings with IDOs that have expressed serious interest in our upcoming product.
  • Collecting a list of seed accelerators for our upcoming release. We have already acquired an extensive data-base of incubator programs. We’ll keep you up-to-date regarding any further development.
  • Conducting negotiations with a project regarding our already-released platforms. The terms of a partnership haven’t been set in stone which is why potential partners will remain unnamed.
  • We held meetings to test an AI project’s ability to further expand on Hashbon’s media presence and online reputation.
  • We continue to hold meetings with a potential Swap, which can facilitate the usage of our bridge on their platform.
  • We’re networking with market leaders in order to create a strategic positioning for Hashbon FiRe. We’re already begun pitching our upcoming project to potential investors.

Marketing & PR

  • Our Hashbon subreddit has grown! We’d like to welcome our almost 250 new members. We’re excited to see you with us and we’re looking forward to soaring to new heights with all of you HASHtronauts.
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/hashbon/
  • We have launched our Hashbon Weekly Activities Calendar. Make sure you stick around in our Telegram community as we’ll be running daily events through which you can win HASH Tokens!
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/47736
  • Our English white paper is in its finalization stage. Soon it should be completely ready and we will start working on its final design.
  • We’ve released our half-yearly Hashbon Report. Make sure you check it out because it holds our most notable achievements for the period September 2021-March 2022.
Source: https://hashbon.medium.com/hashbon-half-yearly-progress-report-7ba42c0dacff
Source: https://hackernoon.com/3-animal-farming-projects-to-follow-for-a-fruitful-harvest-in-2022
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoMoonShots/
  • We’re growing and managing our trading volume using Reddit. Additionally, we’re testing a new Reddit algorithm in order to get featured on TOP subreddits.
  • We continue our hunt for the perfect PR Agency representation.
  • We continue to focus on our international communities, this includes our Korean Hashbon Telegram Community as well as our Russian Hashbon Telegram Community.

Team & Company

  • Our team has grown yet again! A warm welcome is due to our newest Hashbon Team members:
  1. Max — Backend Developer.
  2. Alex — SEO Specialist.

We’d like to welcome our newcomers into our family here at Hashbon. We’re excited to see what potential you’ll bring to Hashbon FiRe as we discover new opportunities for the crypto community within Web 3.0

Here’s to our future, HASHtronauts! :)

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