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Hashbon Weekly Report 14/03

Our last week has been a pleasure as we’ve opened up new possibilities for our Telegram Community. We have successfully hosted our first joint AMA session and gave away a total prize pool of $200 USD to our community! Additionally, we got to know the artistic HASHtronauts in our community through our Hashbon Canvas Challenge! Without any further ado, here’s this week’s issue of the Hashbon Weekly Report — Insider edition.


  • HASH Token has been deployed on XinFin’s XDC Network. 5 Million HASH Tokens have been deployed on the new network while 5 million HASH Tokens have been burnt on the Binance Smart Chain in order to maintain a consistent token supply. Here you may find HASH Token’s XDC address.
    As of this date, HASH Token is distributed as follows:

Max Total Supply — 1,000,000,000 HASH

Ethereum Main net — 200,000,000 HASH

Binance Smart Chain — 745,000,000 HASH

Polygon Chain — 50,000,000 HASH

XDC Network — 5,000,000 HASH

Source: XDC Network

Product & Business Development

  • We have officially launched our partnership with the team behind XinFin starting with the deployment of HASH Token on XinFin’s XDC Network. The deployment will provide users with benefits such as near-zero gas fees and higher transaction speeds.
Source: https://hashbon.medium.com/hashbon-launches-on-xdc-network-bbb1a861bbec
  • We’re in the process of discussing partnerships with 3 prospective projects that have the potential to offer users events/additional features inside crypto ecosystems.
  • HASH Token is in the process of negotiations to facilitate its launch in a wallet yet to be named. Stay tuned to know more once details can be shared.

Marketing & PR

  • We have completed our first Hashbon-hosted AMA with UniFarm. 5 winners were chosen from our Twitter segment, resulting in each user receiving a reward of $20 USD worth of $UFARM. Additionally, we hosted the Hashbon Canvas Challenge, which showed us how talented our HASHtronauts are! One winner was chosen and was rewarded $100 USD in HASH Tokens. Congratulations to dshbmzh for winning our team’s hearts! If you’d like to view the full AMA transcript, you may find it here. It was fun to hear what UniFarm has been working on and a special thanks is owed to our HASHtronauts for showing Srikanth Kishan a warm welcome in our community!
Source: https://hashbon.medium.com/hashbons-ama-session-with-unifarm-1b54d510a590
  • Hashbon Rocket has been discussed in plenty of posts that reached the Top pages of the most prominent crypto subreddits. Here are some of the most notable cases:
  1. CryptoMars
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoMars/comments/tb06wf/hash_token_and_hashbon_rocket_1000x_potential_gem/

2. AllCryptoBets

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AllCryptoBets/comments/tb068h/hash_token_and_hashbon_rocket_1000x_potential_gem/

3. CryptoMarsShots

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoMarsShots/comments/tb0b1k/hash_token_and_hashbon_rocket_1000x_potential_gem/

4. CryptoMars

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoMars/comments/tbllo3/hash_token_and_hashbon_rocket_1000x_potential_gem/

5. CoinMarketCap

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/CoinMarketCap/comments/tblpb0/hash_token_and_hashbon_rocket_1000x_potential_gem/
  • We’re currently in the development process of an event calendar to bring you all more fun and interactive events that provide our community with chances to win HASH Tokens. Stay tuned to view it as soon as it is announced.

Team & Company

  • Our team has grown by +1 Backend Developer. Welcome to the team! :)

We’re very excited about the direction our community is headed in! We’re doing our best to provide HASH users with the most beneficial terms possible, while at the same time providing our HASHtronauts with numerous fun events that have monetary benefits for participants! Make sure you follow our Telegram Community because we will be hosting more fun events with a lot of HASH Tokens up for grabs!

P.S. Make sure you take advantage of Hashbon Farming and gain an additional source of passive income today!

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