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Hashbon Weekly Report 18/04

Greetings, HASHtronauts!

First of all, we’d like to thank you for your feedback in response to our Hashbon Weekly Report. We hear you and we have already started implementing your wishes! This week has been a full one, as we have introduced a bunch of activities to make our Community a fun and profitable place. Additionally, every day brings us closer to a revolutionary product and while this is going to take some time, we’re excited and cannot wait until we can share everything with you all!


  • We continue working on our upcoming MVP, which aims to bring back the heart and soul of the crypto industry.
  • Additional ongoing integrations and improvements are being implemented on our bridge. Stay tuned to be the first to know once details are announced.
Source: rocket.hashbon.com/bridge
  • Working on our Arbiter functionality for Hashbon Rocket. Since the initial conception of our CDEX, we have been working on integrating the functionality of decentralized arbiters. This will open up additional possibilities that would pave the road for a fully-fledged bridge for the crypto community. Currently these arbiters are in the testing phase, where we test the system’s stability and fix any remaining bugs. Stay tuned for all arbiter-related updates.
Source: rocket.hashbon.com

Product & Business Development

  • Finalizing the development of our new product’s white papers in multiple languages.
  • Finalizing legal documents relating to our upcoming product release.
  • Negotiating strategic partnerships with other leaders of the crypto industry. We’re actively working on determining terms that would be beneficial to all sides involved, including you, HASHtronauts!
  • We have started working on SEO for our Hashbon React.

Marketing and PR

  • Our whitepaper 1.0 in its confidential form has been shared with Tier1 partners. It is being carefully reviewed and will be finalized over the upcoming period.
  • We have released our Hashbon Weekly Activities Calendar — every day will bring you something special in our Hashbon Community:
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/47772

Within this calendar, we have released multiple informational posts as well as activities for our Telegram Community, including our previous issue of the Hashbon Weekly Report, Wild Raccoon’s Headlines, Tech Sketch, First Things First, Loot Check Up, and Hashbon Space Edition.

Source: https://hashbon.medium.com/hashbon-weekly-report-11-04-9b0e732a664
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/47786
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/47826
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/47838
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/47859
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat/47893
  • Actively working on developing a PR & Marketing plan for our upcoming product release, which includes the full brief as well as product descriptions for all intents and purposes.
  • Working on increasing activity in our communities by providing incentives that make it appetizing to spend time in our official channels.
Source: https://t.me/hashbon_chat
  • Our Telegram community has grown! We’d like to welcome our new faces, we’re excited to have you with us and can’t wait to have you by our side as we positively influence the crypto industry together!
  • Looking at conferences where we can let the world know what we’ve been working on for the past 2 quarters. We — along with other industry leaders — have spotted great potential in our product, which is why we’re ensuring that we don’t give it less than the treatment it deserves.

With that being said, thank you for sticking around as we develop our ecosystem! We have so much in the works so stick around and make sure you follow our announcements closely. We’re just getting started! :)

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