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Hashbon Weekly Report 25/04

Greetings, HASHtronauts!

The past week had heavy emphasis put on our upcoming release, as we’re slowly approaching take off. There is still a lot of work left, but for the meantime we’re sharing as much while encrypting information that still cannot be shared. With that being said, here is your week’s issue of the Hashbon Weekly Report — Insider edition.


  • We continue to work on our upcoming product release:

1. Testing and finalizing the MVP;

2. Finalizing the product’s design & website;

3. Adding technical details as well as improvements to our upcoming release’s white paper;

4. Finalizing legal documents.

  • We continue to work on Hashbon Rocket’s Arbiter functionality as well as developing the decentralized bridge with multichain support.
Source: https://www.rocket.hashbon.com/

Product & Business Development

  • We continue to work on potential strategic partnerships with regards to our upcoming release. We’ll let you know as soon as there are updates available, so stay tuned in order to not miss any upcoming announcements!
  • Our upcoming release has a checklist of improvements and comments, the goal of which is to ensure the product’s readiness for release, providing functionality on day one.


  • Our Medium has been renovated, and over the past 2 weeks it has dramatically evolved. Currently we have numerous issues, ranging from informational posts and updates, to interesting reads that can provide educational content. Our Medium has been optimized to provide an easy-to-navigate layout for our regulars. We now have tabs classifying Hashbon’s Issues by type, including Announcements, Partnerships, Weekly Reports, Hashbon Space, & more! Make sure you check out our articles and let us know your thoughts!
Source: https://medium.com/hashbon-fire
Source: https://medium.com/hashbon-fire/hashbon-space-crypto-grand-tour-part-i-africa-ea7a470c6396
  • Our team took part in the Blockchain Life conference. We’re happy to discuss potential beneficial opportunities with other projects as well as to build bridges that can provide our upcoming release — as well as our existing products — with growth.
  • We started posting our community activities on our Reddit. Now you can check out our weekly activities through our Telegram channel, as well as our Reddit page.

We have a lot of tasks in the process. Our team is working around the clock to present our upcoming release so stay tuned and make sure you don’t miss out! For now, make sure you’re not missing out on any earnings, so keep calm and Stake HASH!

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