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Hashbon’s AMA Session With UniFarm

Today marks an important day for Hashbon as we held our first AMA session with the great team behind the project UniFarm!

It was fun having Srikanth Kishan over to discuss the background and future plans for UniFarm. There were $200 USD of HASH+UFARM up for grabs for our HASHtronauts as well as UniFarmers. Additionally, we’re excited to share with you all the winning artwork for the Hashbon Canvas Challenge! In case you missed the AMA session, here is the transcript to the entire event! :)

Anna: Welcome to Hashbon’s AMA session with Unifarm!

Anna: This is Anna and I’m Hashbon’s Community Manager. Joining us today is UniFarm’s very own Community lead, Srikanth Kishan. Thank you all for joining today’s session!

Srikanth: It’s my pleasure to be here

Anna: Welcome to our community, Srikanth. Let’s give our guest a warm welcome! :)

Srikanth: Thanks for warm welcome

Anna: In order for our community to learn more about you, could you tell us a bit about yourself? 😊

Srikanth: That’s a nice one
I would love to.

I am a graduate in Aeronautics and was preparing for some government jobs. During that preparation I got to know about crypto and started investing in small amounts. since then. After that period I started my work with UniFarm

I just finished a year this month and it has been a great experience.
So currently I am Community Lead at UniFarm.
I think everyone is aware of UniFarm.
UniFarm is basically a group staking platform where users get multiple tokens for staking a single token.

Anna: Wow, interesting!

Srikanth: Thanks

Anna: Yes right, I think some of our members are already aware of Unifarm.

Thank you for the wonderful introduction, Srikanth!

Now let us jump right into our moderator questions, shall we?

Srikanth: Yes

Anna: Thanks 😊

Could you tell us a bit about the UniFarm project?

Srikanth: I always love to discuss about UniFarm😃

Anna: Right 😁

Srikanth: UniFarm is basically a staking platform where users stake one token and get multiple tokens as staking rewards. So this also helps in diversifying one portfolio even without purchasing the other tokens.

It is going to be an ecosystem on its own.

So not just staking rewards, UniFarm opens windows to a lot more possibilities. Staking in a cohort can make you eligible for the IDO’s. So here users need not to stake our own token but they can stake any token that is present in that cohort.

By the way Cohort 36 just went live where if you stake in the Cohort you get Whitelisted for IDO and NFT airdrop

Imagine a launchpad, AMA , Bridge along with Group staking of crypto’s and NFT and a lot more stuff that can be found in DeFi Space.
So stay tuned for more exciting launches from UniFarm
So UniFarm benefits all.

Anna: Okay, great! Thank for such a clear and detailed explanation.
What was the inspiration behind your project’s name? Does it have a story behind it?

Srikanth: UniFarm was born of necessity.
We realized there were key problems that frankly don’t have many solutions right now:
1.Sell pressure
2. How to gain exposure to a wider set of investors
3. How to incentivise these investors to hold long term
We thought something can be made that addresses these issues faced by all projects in a way where the users actually get SO MUCH value — it becomes a win-win for everyone

We pitched to a few founder friends, and 5 projects: Centaur, Frontier, OpenDeFi, Matic and Reef Finance came together for UniFarm Cohort 1.
We’re now at nearly $100+ Million in TVL, and coming up on Cohort 36, so clearly the idea resonated with the DeFi space at large.

Do visit our platform : https://unifarm.co

Anna: Sounds really really great! I’m sure our participants are gonna visit your platform 😉

Are there any announcements or new products you’re releasing?

Srikanth: Yes there are a lot more things happening at the backend

So our upcoming features would be
1. UniFarm 2.0 — Users can boost their APY by paying $UFARM
2. Users can purchase premium features by paying $UFARM.
3. Our AMM — users can swap any token directly at UniFarm and stake them at UniFarm
4. Our own bridge that helps users to migrate their tokens from one chain to another.
5. NFT’s with more utilities

Lot more things to be announced- I am limiting myself from spilling it out here.. But it is for sure that the $UFARM holders are going to benefit a lot.

Anna: Wow, that’s really a lot of exciting projects! 🤩 And thanks for sharing this with us!
So how did 2021 look for UniFarm as a company? Has the project reached any new milestones?

Srikanth: It was really extraordinary
We are getting ready with V2, We have launched UniFarm Launch, Partnered with Multichain bridge, 100+ partners onboarded, $100M+ TVL, 10k+ users, almost 40 Cohorts and many more add on the way.

Anna: Looks productive, you’ve done a lot of work this year! You have an IDO launching scheduled for the second quarter of 2022. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Srikanth: IDO Launchpad is scheduled for next quarter but we came up early this quarter as our users were awaiting for it and We came up with our launchpad — UniFarm Launch.
Here users stake a token in our cohort and get eligibility to participate in IDO.

Our first IDO project is Battleverse and $BVC did 10x at TGE. So we are in talks with more new projects to onboard them. You could see great projects on our Platform.

We also have our next IDO coming up. Just stake $500 worth of any tokens in today’s cohort 36 and you will be eligible for the participation

Anna: Thanks for sharing your thorough answers! This concludes our moderator questions 🤗
Shall we hop into the Twitter questions?

Srikanth: Always ready 😃👍🏻

Anna: For this segment, the community has submitted questions addressing UniFarm.
We have pre-selected 5 questions and will be presenting them to UniFarm! 👇

Question 1 by @Violett8047422:

What are the key milestones on Unifarm roadmap? Things you have already achieved and things that you are going to?

Srikanth: Good question

Our tech team is building a lot of things.
Recently we had our own launchpad — much ahead then planned.
So our upcoming features would be
1. UniFarm 2.0 — Users can boost their APY by paying $UFARM
2. Our AMM — users can swap any token directly at UniFarm and stake them at UniFarm
3. Our own bridge that helps users to migrate their tokens from one chain to another.
4. NFT’s with more utilities

Lot more things to be announced- I am limiting myself from spilling it out here.. But it is for sure that the $UFARM holders are going to benefit a lot.

You can visit our websites for more information on roadmap: https://unifarm.co

Anna: Thank you! Moving on to the next question
Question 2 by @Cryptopkb97:

What’s the plan for #NFT and tell us its detailed usecase for us?

Srikanth: That is my fav topic

Metaverse and NFT’s are the buzzwords currently throughout the globe. Lot of projects are building their metaverses and NFT’s too. I personally love the NFT’s with some utility around them other than just a jpeg

We are looking for NFT’s which are backed by real world assets so that it has inherent value. You can check our future announcements for details
Cohort 36 stakers get exclusive NFT’s
Please check our announcements


Anna: NFTs with some utility also attract me more! Agree with you 😊

Thanks for sharing!

Question 3 by @JonesGisselle:

Is #Unifarm smart contract audited? If yes, what is it audited by?

Srikanth: Security is something which is the utmost priority for us. So we do regular audits of our smart contract. Here is the link to the smart contract audit.

Anna: Great, that’s a right thing to have regular audits ✔️

Next is Question 4 by @trantheanh_337:

Well from what i read on today ama, UFARM really a great project, may i know how are the way if i want to purchase UFARM token? Any info regarding presale or public sale your token?

Srikanth: As said earlier $UFARM will be the fuel to walkthrough the features on our platform. So buying/HOLDING $UFARM will always benefit the users.
We are currently on 4 different blockchains- ETH,BSC,POLYGON & Avalanche

Anna: 4 blockchains! 🤩 Amazing!

Srikanth: We are exploring other possibilities too
You could hear good news anytime about listing
Here are the links to buy our token
MEXC | UniSwap | PancakeSwap | Dfyn |

Anna: Well here’s our last question from Twitter: Question 5 by @BIRENDR05909154:

What innovative solution is Unifarm bringing to topple its competitors with similar offerings in DeFi? Can you tell us with fine example?

Srikanth: Wow

UniFarm aims to propel more innovations within the industry by creating a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and making it easy for users and new projects to make a mark with their first launch.
So our target is to make UniFarm a one stop shop for both projects and the users.
So as a first step to build this ecosystem, we came up with our own launchpad — UniFarm Launch.

Not just this, we are building our own AMM,bridge and other crazy features which are a step ahead of any product that is currently in the crypto space.

So we always strive to upgrade ourselves with new features that add more benefits to our community.

Anna: Great 😍 thank you, Srikanth!
On that note, we end today’s twitter question segment! Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Twitter segment, contact me directly so we can send rewards your way!

Let’s slide into the last segment of today’s session, the Hashbon Canvas Challenge! We announced a competition a few days ago, a drawing contest with the winner receiving $100 USD in HASH tokens. That’s not all! The winning image will also be integrated into our next Medium Post with credit given to the original artist! We’ve had a lot of submissions and we’re happy to see great talent coming from HASHtronauts!

However, one really captured Hashbon’s hearts! The winner of Hashbon’s Canvas Challenge is….

The winner is dshbmzh 🥳

And here is the artwork of our winner:

Source: Original artwork by dshbmzh

Srikanth: Wow great work.

Congratulations dshbmzh!

Contact me please and provide your address so you could receive your reward 🤗🔥

Yes, it’s wonderful!

Srikanth: It was a great session, Anna
Nice to meet you😁😄

Anna: On that positive note, we end today’s AMA session!

A special thank you goes out to our dear friend Srikanth! You’ve been wonderful :)

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

Srikanth: Please feel free to join our socials.

I would request the community to join us

Telegram: https://t.me/unifarm
Twitter : https://twitter.com/unifarm_
Discord: https://discord.gg/g3NWPP49KV
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/UniFarm_/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unifarmofficial/

Thanks Anna for the great AMA
Happy to be in such a great community😃😄

Anna: Exactly! Make sure you follow Unifarm’s socials and study their documentations to learn more about UniFarm 🔥

Also keep an eye on our community as we’ll be holding a ton of events where we give away a lot of HASH Tokens, so stay tuned for more exciting news coming up! 🚀

With all that being said, we’d like to congratulate all our HASHtronauts who took part in our Twitter segment as well as the Hashbon Canvas Challenge! Also we’d like to take a moment and thank Srikanth Kishan and the team over at UniFarm for joining us for the AMA session. It’s always fun collaborating with them as they’re great people behind a great project!

Also make sure you follow our socials and stay up to date as we’re always holding events and giveaways for our dear HASHtronauts. You wouldn’t want to miss any upcoming opportunities of winning HASH Tokens!

P.S. Make sure you take advantage of Hashbon Farming and gain an additional source of passive income today!

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