Top 10 Ruby Frameworks

Ruby is a popular programming language in the last years. We have had the born of new languages such as Go, powerful and simple, but anyone can deny that Ruby still is most popular, maybe it is a matter of time, we don’t know yet. 
I have been researching about the different frameworks of Ruby, JS, and PHP for a new project that I have been working (perICO: complete icon lang pack) and I stumbled upon with a desire to share a top 10 of Ruby’s Frameworks. Let’s consider that this is a compilation from different sources located at the end of the article.

1. Ruby on Rails

It’s designed to make programming web apps a lot easier by making assumptions about what every developer needs to get started. It lets you write less code while accomplishing more than many other languages and frameworks.


Philosophy of Sinatra: Create web applications in Ruby quickly and with minimal effort.


This framework that’s built on the Sinatra web library. This framework was created to make it fun and easy to code more advanced web apps while sticking to the philosophy of Sinatra.

Hanami (ex Lotus)

Lotus recently change their name to Hanami, here the reason. It aims to bring back object-oriented programming to web development, leveraging a stable API, minimal DSL, and plain objects.


Like they said, this framework is ridiculously small and powerful. Nyny has all the core stuff you need to get running. And you can extend it via its extension interface.


Inspired by Sinatra and Padrino, born Scorched as a generic, unopinionated, DRY, light-weight web framework for Ruby. It provides a generic yet powerful set of constructs for processing HTTP requests, with which websites and applications of almost any scale can be built.


Hobbit is a micro web framework encoded with Ruby. This minimalistic micro-framework built on top of Rack is compatible with standard and simply Ruby modules.


Originally inspired by Rum, Cuba is a Ruby microframework for web development. It’s a small yet powerful mapper for Rack applications. It integrated with a lot of templates via Tilt, and testing via Cutest and Capybara.


Crepe is a lightweight API framework designed to help you write clean, fast web services in Ruby. With an elegant and intuitive DSL inspired by RSpec, and with a nod to Grape, Crepe makes API design simple.


Nancy is the Sinatra’s little daughter and Minimal Ruby microframework for web development inspired in Sinatra and Cuba.

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I’m probably missing important frameworks too, so please feel free to add some nice frameworks in the comments.
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