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Hashed is a blockchain accelerator and investment fund, based in Seoul and San Francisco. We enable promising decentralization projects to grow in the most efficient and speedy way through investment, community building, and acceleration.

Hashed Playbook is our newsletter combining insights and thoughts from the Hashed team and industry leaders.

We empower the founders and innovators of the decentralized future.

A Note to Our Readers

Hi Hashed Friends,

Welcome to Hashed Playbook!

On behalf of the entire Hashed team, I would like to thank you for supporting our efforts to build out the decentralized future.

We are excited to launch the Hashed Playbook to keep you updated on our latest thoughts on the industry and share news about our portfolio.

We are focused on funding founders working to accelerate the mass adoption of crypto and blockchain. Towards this end, our venture fund has invested in many companies and projects to help make this vision a reality.

In addition, I wanted to share the exciting news that we’ve recently launched Hashed Labs, an accelerator program for founders focused on building decentralized applications that address the virtual world. The first batch will be focused on gaming. Hashed Labs presents an opportunity to help founders navigate this new frontier sector. Going forward, we are excited to share more updates as Hashed Labs develops, and the first batch is underway.

At Hashed, we believe that every day is day one in our industry. For us, this is just the beginning. We are excited to have you on the journey with us, and we hope you enjoy this newsletter.


Co-Founder and CEO of Hashed

1. What We See In The Market

Why Blockchain Games?

by Simon Kim

“The many requirements of the Internet of Reality, such as a currency system, marketplace, guilds, and communities, have already been realized through games for decades. This is why the marriage of blockchain and games will bring us a space for radical and liberal experiments. In the near future, platforms creating virtual worlds on the blockchain will no longer be called games. We anticipate that by investing in blockchain games, we will be embarking on a quest to find the ones who will discover new lands for civilization. We hope you will join us as well. Read more.

Hashed Labs Meet Game Developers

“The market for blockchain games is the market is growing rapidly; especially when compared to the pace mobile app store ecosystem increased a decade earlier. It’s important for games developers to get a head start so they could gain momentum from growth within the underlying platform as blockchains continue to garnish awareness.” Read more.

2. Our Thoughts

Internet of Reality

by Kevin Sohn

“I trust Google, Facebook, and other big tech companies. However, I trust the laws of physics more. A protocol on the web 3.0 stack is trustless, therefore, inherently neutral. This can be considered as the physics of the web 3.0 reality (…) virtual reality will become virtually real. Augmented reality, could become an add-on to reality. Theoretically, there will be no differences between artificial and real realities.” Read more.

Our Investment in Terra: Re-building Money from The Ground Up

by Baek Kyoum Kim

“They’ve done a superb job executing: building product, hiring, facilitating and interacting with the community, and more. Since our initial conversation, co-founders Dan, Do, and the rest of the Terra team have been heads down, building (its mobile payments app will be launching in Q2 2019!) a world-class fintech platform.” Read more.

Virtual Market Insights

by Julian Gropp

“Virtual Markets are markets where decentralization technologies are creating a paradigm shift for transactions and interactions between users in the form of new digital assets and services. Virtual Markets are ultimately governed by the Protocol Economy.” Read more.

Why Aiming for A+ Never Hurts

by Jin Kang

“[Regulation A+] allows non-accredited investors to participate in the offering, and requires a much simpler registration statement Form 1-A instead of the notoriously costly and time-consuming Form S-1 for non-exempt securities. Companies can also submit a draft offering statement for a confidential SEC review before committing to the process. Moreover, issuers can ‘test the waters’ with the general public to gauge interest before filing Form 1-A, which would not have been possible under any other regimes.” Read more.

3. Interview

Jae Kwon, Founder of Cosmos, “Creating an Internet of Blockchains”

“Ultimately, blockchain is about solving the large-scale human societal problems that we face today and we try to polish the software so that it’s something worthy of creating.” Hashed CTO Ethan Kim had the chance to sit down with Tendermint founder Jae Kwon. Tendermint is focused on creating Cosmos, an Internet of blockchains. Read more.

Jung-hee Cheon, SNU/Crypto Lab, “Homomorphic Encryption & Blockchain”

“Homomorphic encryption’s role in this is to acquire this data in encrypted form and analyze it without breaching personal privacy. That’s why you could work with medical or financial data without invasion of privacy and obtain useful results, and this is the advantage of HEAAN Library where approximate calculation becomes useful.” Read more.

4. Portfolio Highlights

Terra is designing a blockchain-based payment system that is powered by a price-stable cryptocurrency. Led by Daniel Shin, co-founder of TMON, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Korea, Terra is working closely with global e-commerce platforms across Asia to drive mass adoption. To date, Terra has 15 genesis partners that drive $25 billion in annual transaction volume. Most recently, the government of Mongolia has also partnered with Terra to integrate its payment solution. Hashed has joined as the leading investor and accelerator at the earliest round. Terra will be launching its payment product, TerraX, in Q2 2019. Read more.

Klaytn is a permissioned blockchain project led by Kakao, the largest instant-messenger corporation in Korea. With a vision of building the most enterprise-friendly blockchain that could lead to everyday use. Prioritizing its efforts to drive mainstream adoption of blockchain, Klaytn has garnered with some of the most powerful service providers in various industry domains and has secured over 400 million potential global users. Recently, Klaytn has successfully raised $90 million through a price seed round of funding. As a strategic partner/accelerator of the project, Hashed celebrates Klaytn’s main net launch scheduled for June 2019.

Who We Are.

Hashed is a blockchain accelerator and investment fund, based in Seoul and San Francisco. We enable promising decentralization projects to grow most efficiently and speedily through investment, community building, and acceleration.

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Hashed Team Blog

To empower networks and innovators in building the decentralized future.


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To empower networks and innovators in building the decentralized future.

Hashed Team Blog

To empower networks and innovators in building the decentralized future.