Update #1: Massive Community Growth

By Miles Albert

Telegram Community

In the past few weeks, our Telegram community grew from 200 to over 4,000 members. It’s amazing to see so many people starting to get excited about Hashgraph. A huge thanks to all of you who have supported us from this early stage. It’s the beginning of an incredible journey!

Global Meetups

Many of our community members, supporters, and fans have started hosting Hashgraph meetups around the world. If you’re in San Francisco, London, or Chicago, join us at our upcoming events. Also, Mance Harmon is speaking at Blockchain World Conference in Bangkok, December 4, 2017. Get tickets here.


A number of factors contributed to the recent surge of interest in Hashgraph. On September 17th, Hashgraph hosted a 24-hour hackathon contest at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. A total of nine teams built impressive distributed applications using the Java SDK, including a decentralized game, a decentralized auction platform, & a decentralized disaster relief platform.

Here is Jordan Fried, Head of Business Development, being interviewed at TechCrunch Disrupt, September 18, 2017, discussing our winner in the hackathon:

Leemon Baird Presents at CESC

On October 3rd, the inventor of Hashgraph, Leemon Baird, gave a 30-minute presentation at the Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC) at UC Berkeley. The main takeaway of the talk was that distributed ledgers should have mathematical proofs that they are secure. For instance, Hashgraph has a math proof of asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance with one-third, which is the strongest form of security attainable in a DLT. If these distributed ledgers do not have any proofs, then we cannot trust them to power the entire global economic system.

Hidden Forces and Assemblage NOMAD Host Hashgraph Talk

On October 19th, Demetri Kofinas, host of Hidden Forces, sat down to discuss Hashgraph with founding members Mance Harmon, Andrew Masanto, and Jordan Fried during a live event at the Assemblage NOMAD in New York City. It was a packed house with over 250 people in attendance — we actually ran out of chairs and people had to sit on the floor! A recording of the conversation was shared both on YouTube. A week prior to the event, Kofinas interviewed Leemon on the Hidden Forces podcast.

Viral Articles

On October 25th, an article published by Squawker with the edgy headline, “Blockchain Just Became Obsolete. The Future is Hashgraph,” began circulating around the internet and now has over 15 thousand shares. While the article was unsolicited by the Hashgraph team, the controversial headline captured people’s attention enough to learn more about the consensus algorithm’s unique properties. Since then, numerous supporters have published their own articles on Hashgraph:

… and many more articles.

CULedger Partnership Announcement

On October 27th, Hashgraph announced its partnership with CULedger. CULedger is a credit union consortium serving over 100 million people in North America, supported by the Credit Union National Association and the Mountain West Credit Union Association. It will begin to use the Hashgraph consensus algorithm as a key component of its permissioned ledger platform.

Devcon3 Hashgraph Meetup

On November 1st, Hashgraph team members Kyle Armour and I flew down to Cancun for Devcon3, one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world. On November 3rd, they organized a casual meetup with over 40 attendees in the Aloft Bar at the International Convention Center. After two hours, here were the last men standing:

Addressing Demand for a Public Ledger

Lastly, there has been overwhelming demand for an open source Hashgraph public ledger and cryptocurrency over the past few weeks. We will be addressing the significant interest in the coming months, so stay tuned on our social media channels and our Telegram chat.