Update #2: Expanding Global Awareness

Greetings hashgraph community, followers, & fans!

Over the past few weeks, hashgraph has continued to grow, both online and offline. We’ve expanded our team, spoken at conferences in Asia, spoke at Harvard, and seen tremendous grassroots support around the world. Swirlds has also been nominated as a finalist in the Tech Trailblazers Awards 2017 and you have until January 9 to vote for hashgraph as the Blockchain Trailblazer.

Harvard Talk

On November 20, Leemon Baird, inventor of hashgraph, spoke at Harvard Business School, giving a comprehensive overview of the consensus algorithm, while taking questions from the audience of students. Leemon first compares the four generations of blockchain technology and then gives a deeper dive into gossip about gossip and Virtual Voting. You can watch the talk here.

Hashgraph Welcomes David A. Cohen

We are happy to announce the addition of David Allen Cohen to our team. David is the founder of Dcntral.ai (www.dcntral.com), pioneered smart grid technology with Infotility, and is a former member of the IOTA Foundation. He lays out his reasons for joining the team and his insight into the the future of distributed ledger technology in his Medium post AI 3.0: Why Hashgraph and how it will revolutionize Blockchain and AI.

Growth In Community Around The World

We have also seen a lot of bottom-up community growth. Our Telegram community has over 6,000 members and hashgraph Meetup groups have spread to every continent (except Antarctica 🐧🐧), with now over 3,000 members. The next meetup will be held in Dublin on December 13 so drop by if you’re on that side of the pond. The hashgraph team appreciate all your support and we look forward to meeting you at our many other upcoming Meetups.

Hashgraph Meetup groups across dozens of locations in almost 40 countries

New Videos & More Content

On December 5, Mance Harmon presented at SGInnovate, and on December 6, Leemon gave an interview with Hidden Forces. Feel free to add to the discussion of these videos in our Telegram group or on the new Hashgraph Forum.

Mance also participated in a panel discussion at the Chertoff Group for an event titled How Cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledgers Will Transform the Digital Economy, as well as a panel discussion titled Protocols of the Future at Blockchain World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Paul Madsen published I Want Your Vote!!! (oh wait I already know it), which explains how hashgraph achieves the benefits of a voting model for consensus without the inefficiency.

More Conferences

Alex Godwin and Paul Bugeja were invited to speak at Moontec, Northern Europe’s largest cryptocurrency conference, in Tallinn, Estonia on December 4–5 and gave a talk titled Hashgraph: New Directions for Blockchains & Distributed Ledgers. This talk will be published in the near future so stay tuned.

Want To Learn More?

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You can also download the whitepaper and Software Development Kit.

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