Hashgraph Welcomes David Allen Cohen

David A. Cohen, Founder of Dcntral.ai (www.dcntral.com) joins Hashgraph

We are excited to announce the addition of David Allen Cohen to the Hashgraph organization! David is not new to the concepts of distributed computing. David earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning techniques in the early 90s. David was the founder and CEO of Infotility where he pioneered “the Grid Edge” and unlocked a multi-billion dollar SmartGrid market inventing the industry’s first agent-based decentralized intelligence platform called GridAgents™. GridAgents was designed to autonomously manage complex systems such as electric grids by breaking them up into smaller units that were dubbed Compact Networks while working on Con Edison’s 3G-System of the Future project in Manhattan. The GridAgents platform enabled software agents running advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to virtually model things like distributed solar and storage systems, smart buildings, and distribution automation systems to collaborate in order to optimize electric grid operations as well as enable transactive energy and peer-to-peer (P2P) control systems.

David has founded several start up companies and has a track record in building, scaling, and selling innovative and profitable software ventures and has developed and commercialized over 20 enterprise software products. He is a thought leader and influencer and has presented at venues such as REFF Wall Street, MIT, TEDx, Singularity University, and other global conference venues. David is advisor to many Blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures including being a former member of the IOTA Foundation. He is currently working with blockchain startups WePower (Renewable Energy) Wireline.io (Microservices), Clout (Decentralized Media), FarmaTrust (Pharmaceuticals), SweetBridge (Supply Chain), Fintech4Good (Blockchain Network), and several others.

His latest project Dcntral.ai™ (www.dcntral.com) is revolutionary and will utilize advanced technologies such as hashgraph and other blockchain-like technologies to enable true cybersecure exchange of value and automated transactions for the machine economy. This will allow machines to use self-optimization, self-configuration, and peer-to-peer coordination to autonomously complete complex tasks in a secure and safe environment. Call it GridAgents 2.0. The initial implementation will be deployed within permissioned networks, however, the future is rich with potential for open-ledger based implementations so stay tuned.

David on hashgraph

“The beauty of hashgraph lies in its uniqueness, efficiency, and sheer elegance to provide an ultra-fast and secure foundation for our decentralized intelligence platform.”

Hashgraph is very excited to be working with David A. Cohen and we look forward to seeing what new applications he creates with hashgraph. David will be helping us in many aspects and and will focus on building our ecosystem in the areas of Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity, the Machine Economy and beyond!

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