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World Mobile Token and HG Technologies are thrilled to announce a long-term partnership centered around the HashGuardians Universe — a premier play-and-earn gaming title being developed on the Cardano blockchain.

Launched in early 2021, HG Technologies has been at the forefront of developing blockchain gaming infrastructure and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) utility for the Cardano ecosystem. With a focus on interactive engagement and returning power to the players, HashGuardians takes a community-first approach to development. In the same way World Mobile Token seeks to empower the global sharing economy, HG Technologies views the paradigm-shifting disruption of blockchain gaming as an opportunity to extend meaningful rewards to players.

World Mobile Token is the utility token of the World Mobile network, and is one of the flagship projects on Cardano. WMT is used for every transaction that occurs on the World Mobile network, whether it be calls, texts or consuming data and is distributed as rewards to the EarthNode Operators that process all of these transactions on-chain and also to their stakers who assist in validating the network. World Mobile Token serves as one of the best examples of blockchain technology applied to a real world use case and remains one of the most unique projects in not only the Cardano ecosystem but the entire crypto universe.

In celebration of this partnership, World Mobile Token and HG Technologies have created a unique NFT collectable that will be made available exclusively for Earth Node Operators. Along with limited edition artwork and a reduced supply, this collectible features a WMT-themed playable HashGuardians character accessible only to owners of this momento.

Furthermore, as an initial step in bringing WMT to the HashGuardians Universe itself, World Mobile Token is partnering with HG Technologies on the Rangers NFT collection, beginning with the upcoming Wildcat Rangers mint. Exclusive World Mobile Token traits will be found on Generation 1 Rangers, marking the entrance of World Mobile Token into the Cardano NFT ecosystem.

With a bright future ahead for both World Mobile Token and the HashGuardians Universe, this partnership is poised to bring additional benefit and utility to the Cardano NFT community and WMT users worldwide. Upon release, HashGuardians Universe will be a featured experience on the World Mobile Token native dApp store.

About HG Technologies & HashGuardians Universe

With a focus on the intersection of blockchain technology and engaging gameplay, HG Technologies is developing a multifaceted platform with elements designed to appeal to any gamer or blockchain enthusiast. Pre-Alpha HashGuardians Universe gameplay content is now available along with full playable utility for all 10,000 HashGuardians character NFTs. Players earn rewards both passively and actively, and will have opportunities to engage in mini-games, quests, and adventures whether they have 15 minutes or 2 hours to play.

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About World Mobile Token

World Mobile Token is the token that powers the World Mobile network, the first mobile network built on the blockchain. World Mobile Token is a native asset on the Cardano blockchain and is used as the utility token in the World Mobile Chain token economy. World Mobile Chain is a decentralized telecommunications network that provides a sharing economy that aims to enable the delivery of internet access to half of the world that is not connected. The primary role of World Mobile Token is to power the sharing economy that is at the heart of the network. All transactions generated on the network will be rewarded in WMT to node operators and stakers. Transactions on the network are generated via calls, text messages, streaming, internet browsing, or by using any other value-added services such as healthcare, insurance, micro-loans, and more offered through the World Mobile service.

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