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After our previous deep dive into HashCoin minting values and the HashGuardian Quest System, we want to take a step back today and look at our project from a broader perspective.

As the title says, today we are very excited to unveil our 2022 HashGuardians Universe Roadmap. We have so many things going on behind the scenes, and we are thrilled share a few more of them with you, our amazing community!

This roadmap is a broad overview of our internal project timelines over the next 11 months and represents the major milestones that will directly impact the HashGuardians Universe. Our internal milestones can generally be divided into two separate categories: those affecting the overall structure, community, and organization of the HashGuardians Universe and those that are specific to the development of the gameplay itself.

The 2022 HashGuardians Universe Roadmap shared today will focus on the former items — milestones that revolve around our community and the overall structure of the HashGuardians Universe. A separate roadmap, the 2022 HashGuardians Game Roadmap, will provide a more detailed look at upcoming development milestones for the HashGuardians play-to-earn action RPG gameplay.

We are happy to announce that we are in the middle of onboarding 3 new experienced gaming developers, taking our total gaming-focused development team from 3 to 6 developers! This means quicker development, more features, and an overall expanded set of possibilities for the HashGuardians Universe. Once we have integrated our new developers and reorganized our internal timeline to account for the additional staffing, we will publish the 2022 HashGuardians Game Roadmap to keep everyone updated on our anticipated game development progress.

Roadmap 2022

With our 2022 HashGuardians Universe Roadmap, we want to confirm a few surprises for all of you! A few hints have been dropped over the last month or so, but now we can all really get excited about the possibilities moving forward.

Over the next year, our primary focus will be on the continued growth and expansion of the HashGuardians play-to-earn game. We are aiming to have regular in-game content updates for the community as we put all the pieces in place to become one of the first fully capable P2E games on Cardano. Development with smart contracts is on-going and we hope to have our first SC based feature up and running soon.

As you will notice in the timeline, we are incorporating a few community suggestions into the project, as well as continuing to build out the various functionalities related to our NFT based assets. A burn system will be introduced for items, as well as the HashGuardians Collection System, which will provide specific rewards for collecting certain groups of assets. The expanded function of HashCoins and the creation of the HashGuardians Universe DAO will help us turn HashGuardians into a truly community driven project. As a Cardano based blockchain game, we want to put the power into that hands of you, the players, and the induvial factions of the DAO… More to come on this in the months ahead, Guardians!

Oh…and yes…HashGuardians will have pets!! Pets, Companions, Familiars -call them what you like- these unique creatures will be very much a part of the HashGuardians Universe and play a role in your adventures!

In addition to everything above, one of the key elements of our project is the fact that we are creating a 2D universe capable of incorporating other 2D Cardano NFT projects. We have received our first test NFTs from interested projects, and over the next months, will begin testing their integration and the possibilities associated with including them into the HashGuardians Universe. HashGuardians themselves will always hold a very unique place in the HashGuardians Universe, and we look forward to exploring the potential possibilities created by offering utility to the larger 2D CNFT community.

As the DAO continues to evolve, we look forward to working directly with our community for future milestones and potential development goals. Whether it be land sales, breeding, or other creative ideas, we want to ensure that anything we offer has the desires of our community in mind and balanced with the realities of development resources and timelines. We are focused on building a strong foundation for the HashGuardians Universe now so that we may all build upon it for many years to come.

As each milestone in the 2022 HashGuardians Universe Roadmap draws near, we will provide a more detailed look at that particular section through various announcements and additional articles.

Both the Cardano blockchain and the HashGuardians Universe stand at the front of another exciting year of development, and we are wholeheartedly grateful to be in this position with all of you. Thank you to each and every one of you that has decided to join us on this amazing adventure!

See you all in the AMA tomorrow!

— Team HashGuardians —

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