How do you get your own unique HashGuardian!

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3 min readJun 18, 2021


Hey future Guardians !

That´s the step by step guide to get your own unique HashGuardian.

  • Register on a Crypto exchange and create a new account (Binance, Kucoin etc.)Be sure to keep your passwort and key phrase save!!!

If you already have an account skip this point.

1.0 click register now
  • Purchase the Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) via credit card or bank. To transfer follow steps below.
2.0 click buy now
follow the steps to purchase ADA
  • Open a Cardano wallet like Yoroi or Daedalus. Be sure to keep your PASSWORT and key phrase SAFE!!!

If you have already created an account skip this step.

click download button
  • Go to the withdraw section on your exchange (Binance, Kucoin). Search the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA). Enter the amount and enter the receiving adress of your Cardano wallet.
Withdraw ADA to your Cardano wallet
  • Send ADA from your exchange to the receiving Cardano adress of your Cardano wallet. You shoud receive ADA from your exchange to your wallet a few minuts later.
receiving Cardano adress
click join drop
  • Enter the adress you got displayed and the exact amount of ADA into the send section of your ADA wallet.
Copy the ADA adress and the amount of ADA
  • Double check if the receiver adress and the amount of ADA are correct and confirm the payment.
Double check the payment
  • You should receive the NFT a few minutes later to your Cardano wallet and a transaction should show up which includes your HashGuardians NFT
Fantasy legendary background

We hope this helped to clarify the most questions about how to get a HashGuardians NFT.

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Stay tuned for more and thanks for your support!



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