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4 min readNov 25, 2022


Hey Guardians and Future Rangers,

Today we finally get to show you what our game devs have been working on for the last few months: our V1 health and combat system!

Our goal with HashGuardians Universe is to create a multiplayer platform that connects users from around the world together — bringing their NFTs to life. Actually doing this, however, is a bit more complex than one may initially think. Most gamers are used to the concept of regional game servers — self-contained versions of a game that provide access to players in a specific geographic region. While this greatly simplifies things from a technical perspective (especially in a FPS game), it is not quite what we are hoping to accomplish with HashGuardians.

We want to connect players from all over the world into a single gameplay server where all players can have fun and interact together. However, when you introduce rapid time-based mechanics such as open combat, this becomes much more difficult to do well.

A lot of our time and resources for this update were dedicated to creating the networking infrastructure needed to support a combat system open to players all over the world. After a lot of work and revisions, it is now time to put those systems to a real-world test! We want to give everyone the fun of PVP combat while also assessing code stability — determining what is working well and where there is room for improvement. We are excited to launch multiplayer combat on Cardano, and take another step in achieving our vision!

A quick note on weapon classes and balancing:
There is still work to be done on scaling the different weapon damages and balancing the melee vs ranged attacks. As we test the system and develop more content, rebalancing and scaling weapon damages will be a continual task/focus going forward. If you only have a melee weapon on your OG Guardian — rest assured you will be given equal chances in community events and future gameplay (as well as be able to switch weapons in the future).

As a team, we elected to push this update live at this stage of development to let our community provide feedback and be a part of the development process. This is why we have been calling this V1 of our health and combat systems — there will be more updates and upgrades in the future! We are still early.

Now that we have this initial health and combat foundation built into the game code, we can start incorporating these features into our next mini-game and quest designs. We have spent a lot of time this year developing “infrastructure” for the game. Our next set of milestones will be much more focused on game content and fun for everyone. Step by step, we are committed to bringing the HashGuardians Universe to life and enjoyable, engaging content to the Cardano NFT community.

Speaking of community — this update also finalizes the community event system, which will allow us to easily open the game to the public for special game nights and fun events! We would like to focus on community collaboration events, so if you know another Cardano NFT community that would like to team up for a fun in-game event with us — reach out on discord and let Chief Rex know!

Stay ready for the Rangers drop and help us spread the news of the Rangers WMT partnership with the Cardano community. We are all part of this amazing HashGuardians adventure together and a full team + community effort will take us to the next level!

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Stay tuned for more and thanks again for your support!



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