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Hello fearless HashGuardians of the Universe!

It’s time to dig back into the details and go over the specifics of our upcoming Pre-Alpha HashBox mint. This is our first open mint of in-game HashGuardians items, and it will be the only time we ever drop, mint, or sell these specific assets!

As the Early Adopter HashBoxes were an extremely limited airdrop reward to our very first holders (157 total boxes in existence) we decided to release the Pre-Alpha HashBox so that every supporter and HashGuardian holder has the opportunity to own a unique set of items and a piece of history in the HashGuardians development.

Be sure to read all the way to the end for some important information regarding upcoming wallet snapshots.

So….What’s in the Box?

Similar in concept to the Early Adopter HashBoxes, the items contained in the Pre-Alpha HashBoxes are completely unique. They are only found in Pre-Alpha HashBoxes, and will not be sold or minted in any other way.

Pre-Alpha items consist of weapons, shields, and a mixture of appearance related items such as helmets and armor. 32 new and unique weapon and shield designs alone are being added to the HashGuardians Universe.

From a rarity standpoint, Pre-Alpha HashBox items will fall into the following categories:

· Uncommon

· Rare

· Epic

· Legendary

Each Pre-Alpha HashBox will contain two randomly selected items, and when opened, these items will each be minted as an on-chain NFT. These items will be usable in-game by any HashGuardian NFT character, and they can also be traded or sold on secondary markets.

Opening of the Pre-Alpha (and Early Adopter) HashBoxes is scheduled to take place at the end of Q1. Prior to this event, the Pre-Alpha HashBoxes can be traded or sold as normal, but the items they contain will not be revealed until our official HashBox opening event.

Professor Hash

Mint with HashCoins you say?

As described in our article Earning HashCoins Part 1, we have been working on a complete rebuild and expansion of our unique minting platform, the HashCoin Payment System (HPS). Beyond the instant reveal and animated features everyone experienced in our first mint, three different payment methods are now possible!

It may seem like a minor upgrade, but this system will drastically reduce development time and improve the customer experience on any future HashGuardians related mints. Our goal has been to create a system ready for the growth and expansion of the HashGuardians Universe, and we are very proud of our progress. At this point, we feel the HPS is fairly unique within the Cardano sphere.

Minting with ADA

Minting with ADA will retain the classic user experience. Simply send the required amount to the displayed address and enjoy the minting experience.

Minting with HashCoins

The HPS will now allow direct minting with HashCoins instead of ADA. Even better, when minting with HashCoins, you will not need to pay any ADA transaction fees!

Simply enter the number of HashBoxes you wish to mint, and the price in HashCoins will be calculated. Once you confirm your purchase, you are free to sit back and enjoy the minting experience. The minted HashBoxes will be sent directly to your connected wallet address.

As a reminder 100 HashCoins = 0.5 ADA Minting Value.

Minting with Silver Tickets

A few hours prior to the opening of the mint, a snapshot will be taken of wallets connected to our website to identify Silver Ticket owners (similar to what is done each month for HashCoins). The recorded accounts will be eligible to claim a free Pre-Alpha HashBox for every Silver Ticket owned.

To claim your free Pre-Alpha HashBox, check the Free Claim option on our website. You will be asked to send a small amount of ADA to cover the transaction fees, and the remaining ADA will be returned along with your free HashBoxes.

A step by step guide on the various minting methods will be released prior to the Pre-Alpha HashBox mint.

More On Wallet Snapshots:


Please read through this section carefully! We will have no ability to reverse future events once they begin!

During the month of February, we will take, at minimum, two separate snapshots of all HashGuardian wallets connected to our website. These will be used for testing purposes and to verify all HashGuardian owners.,, and most other marketplaces now utilize smart contract listings that remove the NFT from your wallet while it is listed for sale. This means that any listed HashGuardians cannot be included in our wallet snapshots! While this is not typically an issue except during HashCoin snapshots each month, Silver Ticket owners need to be especially careful. Silver Tickets listed in smart contract sales will not be eligible for free claims on minting day if they are listed during the snapshot!

To be completely safe, we recommend delisting any current HashGuardians or Silver Ticket listings. We will inform everyone as soon as the important snapshots have been completed so that you are free to list your HashGuardians NFTs again if you desire. As mentioned above, the final Silver Ticket snapshot will take place in the hours before the Silver Ticket minting period begins. We hope this requirement will change as the development of marketplaces and smart contracts continue.

Once again, please be aware that any HashGuardians related NFTs listed for sale cannot be included in the upcoming wallet snapshots. Be sure that the wallet holding your HashGuardians is connected to your account. Perhaps Professor Hash has something special planned.

Enough Already, Wen MINT?!

The Pre-Alpha HashBox mint will open as follows:

February 25th 21:00 CET/ 3 PM EST TIME — Early access for HashCoin payments and Silver Ticket minting.

February 26th 21:00 CET / 3 PM EST Time — Public mint open for ADA payments.

Supply: Limited supply of 5,555 Pre-Alpha HashBoxes.

Minting Limit: Up to 10 Pre-Alpha HashBoxes per transaction.


1% (55) of the Pre-Alpha HashBoxes will be retained by the team for use in future events, promotions, and giveaways.

Along with the Early Adopter HashBox, we want the Pre-Alpha HashBoxes to serve as a reward for our supporters and HashGuardian holders; a functional piece of the history of the HashGuardians Universe development.

The HashBox opening event is scheduled for the end of Q1. The unique items contained within the HashBoxes will remain a mystery until they are opened.

Minting Price: TBD (est. 25–35 ADA)

We will announce the final minting price one week prior to the opening of the public mint.

We are still hoping to maintain the costs in the range we mentioned previously, but we need to have a better estimation of the ADA-fiat value at the time of the mint. We would love to simply announce a price now, but we are an active business with regular fiat-based monthly expenses. While we are very comfortable with our current level of financing, we still need to take a responsible, balanced approach to any income or expenditures.


As mentioned in our 2022 HashGuardians Universe Roadmap release, we are creating both a burning system as well as a unique collection system centered on HashGuardians Universe NFT assets. As we get closer to implementing each of these systems, more detailed information will be released. Rest assured, there will be proper incentive to maintain unique collections of items, as well as returns on reducing the supply for any items generated in the future.

That’s all for today, Guardians! Take care, and we will see you at the mint!

-Team HashGuardians-

Oh…does anyone remember that legendary HashBox raffle we did back in the day? I wonder if we can find the guy responsible for that….

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Stay tuned for more and thanks again for your support!



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