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The HashBox

( The early adopter edition)

Hey HashGuardians and future Guardians

It´s time to announce our first HashGuardian stake holders reward. The HashBox (early adopter edition).

About the HashBox

The HashBox (early adopter edition) will be our first reward for early adopters, HashGuardian holders and supporters around the world.

It will be the FIRST ANIMATED NFT from the HashGuardians design team. The HashBox will never be minted or sold again after all HashGuardian holders claimed their HashBoxes.

  • Claiming your FREE HashBoxes will be closed on 30th june 00:00 CET.

If you want to claim a FREE HashBox or even more HashBoxes. You will need at least 10 HashGuardians in your Cardano wallet and verify this Cardano wallet in our HashGuardians discord server.

preview of the upcoming HashBox

What will be inside the HashBox ?

(early adopter edition)

Their will be some very rare and legendary assets around the HashGuardians universe that will only be minted for the early adopters.

For example:

  • Weapons
  • Shields
  • Helmets
  • Masks

and other cool stuff with different rarities for the upcoming HashGuardians universe.

Some lucky HashBox owners will get the chance to pull a special 1 of 1 NFT from our HashGuardians design team out of the HashBox.

For our early adopter HashBoxes we have planed something very special like we did in our SILVER TICKET TESTDROP.

We as a team are Cardano enthusiasts and want to share the love with other CNFT projects.

So we decided to include a Jackpot v raffle for all HashBox holders.

Every HashBox holder will get the chance to win a historic Cardano NFT like Spacebudz, Cardanobits, Cryptoknitties, Hoskinsons, Cardano warriors etc.

That is our way to spread love with all the Cardano projects out there.

The raffle

After all Hashboxes (early adopter edition) are claimed and distributed we will prepare the raffle and reveal the historic Cardano NFTs that could be winnable.

Our well known community commander AdAxVaDeR will do a big raffle party and set up the lucky wheel that will include all distributed HashBoxes with their unique mint number.

Like we did it in our previous raffles. It will be full transparent, full random and LIVE!

With a bit of luck one of the historic CNFTs will be yours.

Like we said before this is our way to reward the early supporter of the HashGuardians universe.

preview of the upcoming HashBox

Claim your free HashBox

We will create a discord verification room where you can verify your Cardano wallet.

Just enter your Cardano receive address from the wallet that contain your HashGuardians in to the HashBox verification room. The exact amount of HashBoxes will be sent out to the verified Cardano wallet soon after claiming is closed.

After claiming is closed we will close the verification room and send out the free HashBoxes. Everybody should receive their HashBoxes soon after claiming is closed.

How to open your HashBox

The grand opening of your HashBoxes will be possible on our new Homepage, please check out the roadmap.

We will prepare the raffle after all HashBoxes are distributed.

This is the first step of our reward system around the HashGuardians universe. It is the beginning of a new era in the CNFT history.

Thank´s for your support so far, together we are strong Guardians!

Quick FAQ

  • The HashBox (early adopter edition) is a reward for HashGuardians early adopter and supporters. It´s an exclusive reward and will never be sold or minted again!
  • To receive a FREE HASHBOX you will need at least 10 HashGuardians in your Cardano wallet and this wallet has to be verified in our Discord server until the 30th june.
  • For example if you hold 10 HashGuardians you will receive 1 FREE HashBox. If you hold 100 HashGuardians you will receive 10 FREE HashBoxes….

Got Questions? Come and join the conversation!

HashGuardians can be found across social media and in our Discord channel. Join the community now for the latest news, questions and for friendly banter!

Stay tuned for more and thanks again for your support!



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