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Beta launch of Denryu System — the easiest way to experience Bitcoin micropayments via Lightning Network

HashHub, the Tokyo-based blockchain incubation hub, beta-released “Denryu System” to enable a simple and smooth experience for receiving bitcoin micropayments via Lightning Network. Denryu has already been integrated on SaruTobi, a popular game series of the Bitcoin community and a user can claim micro-tips on Lightning Network with ease just by playing the game.

Denryu Wallet

Denryu Wallet is a simple Android wallet designed with the best Lightning Network user experience in mind by only activating the essential functions. By linking Denryu and Lapps, a user can easily start receiving micro-payments without prior knowledge of Lightning.

Denryu Hub

By using Denryu Hub via the REST API, Lapp development without a Lightning node is possible. Utilizing the liquidity and bi-directionality provided by Denryu Hub we hope that more diverse Lapps will be developed. (API documentation coming soon)

Start receiving Bitcoin micro-payments now!

By using Denryu system, receiving of small amounts of Bitcoin utilizing Lightning Networ’s bi-directionality becomes simple and practical.

Easier Lapp Development

By using Denryu API, any developers can start building unique lapps without worrying about troublesome Lightning node setup and management.

Improving Lightning’s Liquidity

With many Lapps and users connecting to Denryu, the channel’s liquidity and convenience improves. You will be able to send a desired amount anytime with stability.

The most simple Lightning user experience

Denryu provides an environment where even beginners can experience Lightning Network with ease. There is no specialized knowledge required to get stared and any complexity is dealt with in the background for users.

SaruTobi is the first lapp to integrate the Denryu sytem. By linking Denryu Wallet and SaruTobi, you can receive microtips via Lightning just by playing the game.

1.Install Denryu Wallet and SaruTobi on Android

2.Fly the monkey further than 100m on SaruTobi first , then request linking with wallet

If everything goes smoothly, a channel will be established between Denryu Hub and a Denryu Wallet user(you can check the channel status within the wallet)

3.After linking SaruTobi and Denryu Wallet, play the game and collect in-game coins in order to claim bitcoin tips

4.Using in-game coins, press the one of the reward buttons to claim your Lightning bitcoin tips

5. Check the balance on the wallet and you have received your bitcoins on Lightning Network!

6. Use these Satoshis on SaruTobi or send to other lapps through Denryu Hub

You can buy in-game bananas, register your high scores and more with your earned bitcoins. Or you can send those satoshis to other lapps via Denyu Hub. More ideas about how to make the most of bitcoins on your channel will be explained in the following tutorial.



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