Pablo Peillard
Apr 4 · 2 min read

We recently released our waitlist at Hashing Systems. You can now pre-register your domain to use on the Hedera Hashgraph network and in their applications.

Signing up to the Hash Name Service helps people like you to get reminded as soon as we deploy our contract. The registry is natively supported to hook in applications to the resource’s names with ease. So when you want to change application variables you won’t need to update smart contracts. Alternatively, it can be done by simply updating the address the name is pointing at.

What is it?

Essentially what we’re offering is a Hashgraph-native domain name registry and marketplace that function on resource identification of smart contracts, file hashes, and accounts with human-readable names.

Think of us as a ‘GoDaddy for the ‘graph, where users can reserve and trade their favorite domains. And with pre-registrations now being accepted and a transparent buying and selling platform to follow, we hope to eliminate the usual registry problems like domain drop catching.

How does it work?

The final architecture will be released soon and sign-ups to the waitlist are already proving popular. At Hash Name Service, we strive to mirror Hashgraph fundamentals of being more efficient and cheaper (as it is when compared to Blockchain and other DLTs). We’re working directly with Hedera to keep resolving costs as low as possible and as a result, to make us the best option for namespace solutions in the Hashgraph ecosystem.

What happens when I register?

After registering your interest in getting the name you prefer, when our closed beta is available and the Hashgraph contract is live we’ll notify you via a special link. To be the first to get your chosen name you must finalize the process through the smart contract to rightfully gain domain ownership.

Isn’t confetti great?

What will happen when I get the email?

Upon receiving the email you need to make sure you have installed the Hedera Chrome Extension and have created (and credited) a Hedera account. More details to follow soon.

Make the first move to get your Hashgraph namespace by pre-registering today!

Hashing Systems

Distributed Ledger Technologies for a Web 3.0 world. Built on Hedera Hashgraph. Go to and subscribe to our newsletter.

Pablo Peillard

Written by

Founder of Hashing Systems

Hashing Systems

Distributed Ledger Technologies for a Web 3.0 world. Built on Hedera Hashgraph. Go to and subscribe to our newsletter.

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