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May 13 · 4 min read

On May 13th Hedera Hashgraph is launching phase II of community testing program so, developers and users get ready because this platform looks promising! The CTO/Chief scientist Leemon Baird and CEO Marce Harmon created a different platform that is projected to replace the internet called Hedera Hashgraph a public distributed ledger for developing fast, secure and fair decentralized applications.

The goal of making these applications available in the community testing phase II is testing peer-to-peer micro-payments and inspiring developers to create applications for the services on the network. The three core services that the Hedera Hashgraph platform will provide are cryptocurrency, the ability to make micro-payments, as well as two new services: smart contracts and file storage. The smart contracts were already available on the testnet, but now it will be released on mainnet with a chrome extension tab.

The native cryptocurrency through Hedera called HBAR coins will have 250 million HBARS available for those who test the network. One HBAR is worth $0.12 USD. To receive donations in HBAR use a website or application to display your public Hedera account ID as QR code.

So how do you earn HBARS?

Token earnings account setup in phase II is 3 HBARS; provided that, phase I was 5 HBARS. For reference, 3 HBARS equal to 0.36 cents. The testing limits for token earnings are micropayments that are 20 HBARS and smart contracts plus file storage that are 5 HBARS. The total cap being 350 HBARS. Remember, the platform will go-live May 13, 2019 this upcoming Monday.

Account limits for Phase II are 100k; while, community testing program phase I was previously 5k. The milestone of Hedera Hashgraph is the collaboration and testing of network capabilities on the mainnet, unlike Phase I which was only the testnet. By earning HBARS it validates peer-to-peer micropayments using a browser extension on either an example media or by developing on the testnet.

User Interface Updates

A new element of the daily timestamp that Hedera is showcasing Wordpress plug-in which will be available on the Wordpress plugin marketplace. This will enable developers and content creators to borrow the code and ion install their own.

Perhaps, the most entertaining application is the New Star Map Purchase Game, which is a map of all the different stars in the universe participants of the testing program will be able to buy stars.

Technical Updates

Hedera will support Java as the official SDK that showcases the features. Other SDK’s will be made open source; however since it’s not necessarily updated it must be maintained by the community. Hedera Wallet will make their new mobile app available on iOS and Android. For user onboarding, Hedera will use NetKi a new KYC AML process provider to validate identities for the future blockchain digital economy. Identification will be required for the community testing program.

In conclusion, the Hedera Hashgraph platform gives users the mainnet open access as a basis to explore the new wild west of the digital era; next, it’s the developers’ job to keep building/improving what Hedera has created. As for the Hedera support model as it continues to mature any issue to be evaluated will be looked over by Hedera or the developers advocate team. Level 1 will focus on community/marketing and low tech issue. Level 2 will focus on product and technical issues. Finally, Level 3 will focus on engineering and high tech issues.

Remember, create a Hedera Profile at starting May 13th to test the network and earn HBARS. Be a part of history and partner up with the new blockchain that is designed to have highly diversified governance and the most distributed consensus of scale. For more insider information follow Telegram at, or Discord at

This is a perfect time to sign up for a domain at Hash Name Service this is a secure way to identify through a human-readable name rather than by a numerical address. Reserve your Hashgraph domain today before it’s too late! We will notify you when our contract goes live.

Hashing Systems

Distributed Ledger Technologies for a Web 3.0 world. Built on Hedera Hashgraph. Go to and subscribe to our newsletter.

Pablo Peillard

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Founder of Hashing Systems

Hashing Systems

Distributed Ledger Technologies for a Web 3.0 world. Built on Hedera Hashgraph. Go to and subscribe to our newsletter.

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