Pablo Peillard
Feb 26 · 3 min read

Dapps studio joins Hedera program to provide developer tools and digital workspaces.

Hashing Systems is pleased to be amongst the first influx of recruits participating in the Helix Accelerator — the Hong Kong based incubator launched by none other than Hedera Hashgraph and tech VC Mind Fund.

Running ten weeks in Asia’s foremost tech hub, Helix is the first accelerator to solely focus on Hedera. Allowing Hashgraph stakeholders — from the enrolled, developers and eventual dapps users — to tap into distributed applications and computing at scale, the program heralds a change that hasn’t been seen before, in the blockchain, or otherwise.

Aligning with the Accelerator

Taking up residence in Hong Kong, Hashing Systems will go through the program, which provides funding and mentorship from technology and business veterans dedicated to the network.

Hong Kong’s Startup Ecosystem Is Thriving

Assisting in building distributed applications on the enterprise-grade distributed ledger technology from insurance to supply chain management, Helix perfectly aligns with Hashing Systems own mission of to ‘round the cutting edge of Hedera Hashgraph’— by way of producing developer tools and managed services exclusively built on the platform.

Edgar Seah, Head of the Asia Pacific region for Hedera Hashgraph, speaking to the cohorts about HH

Providing unrivaled workspace access that is as scalable as it is secure, their infrastructures let developers quickly get on with what they’re good at — building the dapps and features that are putting Hedera at the forefront of crypto.

To further facilitate the next wave of such dapps, Hashing Systems will make full use of its access to the Global Incubation Stream, a subsequent networking initiative by Mind Fund and Digital Garage, the former’s Tokyo and San Francisco based partner.

A Domain Marketplace that makes the Difference

Hashing Systems will bring to the program a domain registry for resource identification through the Hash Name Service.

On top of this, the solution will let users quickly find, offer and trade domains. Supported natively on the Hedera network, the registry will allow developers applications to be hooked in easily to the resource’s names.

Hashing Systems Founders [left: Pablo Peillard, right: Evelyn Wong]

Ultimately the upshot for developers needing to change variables is that they will not require to preemptively update related smart contracts. Alternatively, they can do this by simply updating the resource’s revolving address.

With no immediate plans from Hedera Hashgraph to provide a transaction relayer (such as the JSON-RPC standard in Ethereum, which powers infura) Hashing Systems is perfectly positioned to fill this void.

The infrastructures created by the studio is primed for the quick building of tools that in turn afford quick setups for micropayments — as evident in a robust, easy to use, “gRPC” node cluster that can be used by everyone.

In Summary

The participants from around the globe taking part in the Helix Accelerator, are a clear indication and testament that the Hedera ecosystem continues to grow larger and gain momentum.

With solutions that focus on improving access for developers and entrepreneurs everywhere, Hashing Systems are ready to help to build the future on Hedera Hashgraph from February 2019 onwards.

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Pablo Peillard

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Hashing Systems

Distributed Ledger Technologies for a Web 3.0 world. Built on Hedera Hashgraph. Go to and subscribe to our newsletter.

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