Hashing Systems Builds Hash Name Service on Hedera Hashgraph Public Distributed Ledger

Pablo Peillard
Jun 12, 2019 · 2 min read
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Dallas, TX — June 11, 2019– Today, announced that they have selected the public distributed ledger platform upon which to build their Hash Name Service (HNS). It is an identity naming service for Hedera Hashgraph users and developers that will facilitate registering their own namespaces. HNS will help users securely refer to smart contracts, file hashes, and accounts with human-readable names. Developers can use this interface to create interoperable name-based transactions.

Hedera Hashgraph is a public distributed ledger that aims to directly resolve four fundamental challenges to mainstream market adoption of public ledger technology — performance, security, stability, and governance. Hashing Systems is building on Hedera because it foresees the platform as an innovative and trusted network to build decentralized applications.

“Hedera Hashgraph stands out for their nimble consensus algorithm. It allows a large throughput of transactions without Layer 2 scaling solutions. Incentives are spread throughout all levels of the network which encourages everyone to generate value to make some back.” said Pablo Peillard, Hashing Systems CEO. ”The global and diverse nature of the governing council will serve well to construct a stable, long-term network.”

“Hash Name Service is providing an incredibly valuable service on top of Hedera Hashgraph, which can help make other services and applications more user-friendly and easy to consume,” said Jordan Fried, SVP of Global Business Development at Hedera. “Just as DNS made the Web human-readable and therefore more accessible to a wider audience of users, HNS will simplify the identification of records to facilitate transactions, smart contract interactions, and file queries by name. It is a great example of a value-added service being built by the developer ecosystem on Hedera.”

To read more about how Hashing Systems is building with Hedera, read our recent blog post, “” by Hashing Systems Founder, Pablo Peillard.

The Hedera whitepaper can be found at .

About Hashing Systems

is a development studio bringing solutions that expose the best qualities of Hedera Hashgraph to developers.

About Hash Name Service

is Hashgraph- native name registry. HNS is the protocol that turns account ids, smart contract addresses, and file hashes into verifiable and easy to remember

Hashing Systems

Distributed Ledger Technologies for a Web 3.0

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