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Launch your project on Hedera Hashgraph and win $3,000 USD

What’s this about?

Hedera Hashgraph launched a startup program, nicknamed Boost, to encourage innovation on the network. You can earn a total of $3,000 USD in hbar, the native currency of the Hedera network, to cover initial transaction costs and bring your project to market. This program gives you access to exclusive mentorship opportunities and tech support channels to build out your idea. Additionally, you’ll be able to leverage Hedera’s marketing resources to expand your project’s reach. This is a wonderful opportunity to make your ideas happen.

What it takes to Win

To get into the Hedera Boost program you have to fill out a short application detailing what you’re building. It always pays off to have a detailed work plan so they can provide specific feedback and know you mean business. The program is open for creators at any stage of their project development: ideation, development, live, etc.

If you’re not sure what to build take a look at a few previous Gitcoin Hackathon winners. For a large number of hackers, winning a hackathon is a stepping stone to pursue their dapps full-time (including us!).

Tools and websites you should bookmark

  • Hashgraph Developer Portal — Expansive documentation of the SDK
  • Hashing Systems Knowledge Base — Hashing Systems developer gateway for everything web development related.
  • Kabuto Documentation — Kabuto is a Hedera Hashgraph mirror node provider you can use to query transaction status and other resources through a REST API.
  • Dragonglass API — This is the first historical data API. You can use this for triggering events as notifications (like serverless functions)
  • Composer for Hedera Hashgraph — Allows you to run Hashgraph dapps right in your browser without running a node. It provides you with a secure wallet. You can install it in Chrome, Opera, and Brave.
  • Getting Started on Composer is an overview of how to download and use Composer
  • Composer Developer Documentation lists the features available when using it as part of building a dapp.
  • Console for Hedera Hashgraph — is an in-browser IDE. Whether or not you have a preferred text editor or IDE, you should use Console at the start of your project. It’s useful for fleshing out ideas and testing your code. You can move your code over to your favorite IDE/Text editor once you have deployed all your dapps resources.

If you have any questions about Hedera Boost or building on Hedera Hashgraph, please reach out to us!






Distributed Ledger Technologies for a Web 3.0 world. Built on Hedera Hashgraph. Go to http://hns.domains and subscribe to our newsletter.

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