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Behind the Scenes of Our 2021 Cloud Data Platform Benchmark & Analysis

Hashmap on Tap Podcast, Ep. 80

5 Cloud Data Platforms, 33 Dimensions, 400+ hours of detailed analysis — 1 incredible Cloud Data Platform Benchmark Analysis.

It’s difficult to do an “apples to apples” comparison of the top cloud data platforms available in the market today, but three of our data cloud experts were up for the challenge. Chinmayee Lakkad, David Hrncir, and George Luft joined Kelly Kohlleffel on Hashmap on Tap to discuss how they spent 400+ hours comparing Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, & Databricks using the industry-standard TPC-DC dataset measuring query performance, load rates, transformation speed, and overall cost across 33 dimensions to provide an unbiased perspective.

Hear Their Perspectives On:

  • How they enhanced our 2021 benchmarking and analysis to be more robust than the previous year.
  • How they scored the platforms across 33 different dimensions.
  • Using the TPC-DC industry-standard data set.
  • What was most challenging about comparing the different vendors.
  • Leveraging dbt to build views and transformations.
  • The pros & cons of each platform.
Hashmap on Tap Episode #80

Listen to the Episode:

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