To the Brands of the Brave New World

The world is on the move from internet to web3, physical to digital, products to experiences, TV to VR, TGs to communities, consumers to creators. As a result of this paradigm shift some brands will lead, and others will follow.

Jure Pozun
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4 min readOct 26, 2021


What in the world is going on

Where do we start? If Androids dreamt of electric sheep, the dream came true in the Metaverse. And if the Brave New World seemed dystopian in 1932, today we have the chance to shape our decentralized future together.

Everything important seems to be an abbreviation — BTC, ETH, DeFi, and NFTs. This only means it’s time to set your KPI’s straight ASAP.

In terms of marketing and branding, nothing has changed but everything. Simplicity, clarity, originality, talent, and creativity are still the key drivers of success. What’s changed is everything else — screaming is replaced by listening, hidden agendas with transparency, big media budgets with community voices, and marketing algorithms with tailored communication.

Nothing to lose but all the potential

When it comes to practicing communication in this ever-changing landscape, everything is possible but cutting corners. Everything starts with the question of the brand — the ultimate answer to who you are, what you stand for, how you sound, look, empower others, and where you’re headed.

The better the brand, the stronger the momentum, and the bigger the digital footprint. Every good brand tells a story through a promise it can deliver. Not through selling, but by setting an example, leading the way, improving its customer's life, and introducing positive change.

Listen carefully. Then lead by example. Entertain. Empower. Be transparent. Share. Care. Surprise. The more, the merrier.

Building a brand is the best investment any business can make. It guides your strategy, sets the quality bar, defines tone, influences design and every future step your communication takes.

Here are some examples from hashmark’s client list:

  • Bitstamp — The original crypto exchange
  • GlobaliD — Take back control of your data
  • — The art of monetizing the most valuable content

And if brand stewardship seems like an archaic marketing speak, the leadership and accountability for the long-term well-being of a brand are now more important than ever.

Your brand exists in an era of creators where brand assets are everyday tools — you better know what you’re using. And why. And how. And when.

Decentralized teams for a decentralized world

Specialized human resources have become the scarcest matter after what our world underwent in the times of pandemic. It’s hard to find the best talent if you’re looking in advertising agencies. And even harder to draft a team of synchronous specialists breathing as one.

Working remote is something we‘ve practised since day one. In 2017, our core team has set on a journey from Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bucharest, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Berlin, London, Lisbon, New York and San Francisco to gain the insight into the community, create strong partnership, meet industry leaders and stay on top of things in everything blockchain and tech. We are on the same journey today, together with over 50 team members, partnerships across all continents, and a talent pool of specialists ranging from creatives, content writers, designers to developers, strategists and builders.

Powering brands of the brave new world

The new times require new skills. A constant inflow of new talent and approaches. Understanding users and their journeys. And a bespoke execution of everything from branding, web, building communities, animation, ux design and copywriting, long content or even crowdfunding. Understanding the needs of each and every piece of the puzzle, as well as being able to see the big picture are the qualities that keep making the difference.

Our creativity powers trusted brands that broaden access to knowledge,
capital, and well-being by leveraging networks, platforms, and protocols.

And we create brands and communication for the brave new world to help your business thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

You can find us in the metaverse.