Binance makes it to it’s own debit card delivery phase

Binance has recently pushed for larger adoption in cryptocurrencies as the world’s largest exchange unveiled a plan for the crypto debit card back in April 2020, the cards are now ready and the delivery to customers has begun.

Binance’s move into the payment card space takes flight as cards go out for delivery.

Binance has started sending out its payment card. This was announced by its CEO Changpeng Zhao. Answering a question from a Twitter user who expressed a desire to get a card as soon as possible, Zhao wrote: “This started shipping in limited quantities as of yesterday, I heard.”

According to the Binance website, eligible users from France and Spain will receive invitation letters to order the card in July and August. Once the application is successful, a virtual card will be issued to the user, which will remain active until the activation of physical one.

The Binance Card will be available in most European countries. The card is expected to be delivered within 7–14 days. On July 9th, Binance announced that it will not be able to deliver the cards within 6–8 weeks during the launch phase due to the fact that the cards are in the production phase.

The company also promises to include other countries in its program, but its priority plans relate to Asia. Under the Binance Card terms, each region will choose its own card issuer.

With Binance Card users will be able to instantly spend their cryptocurrencies at all payment terminals, that support Visa or Mastercard. This is a huge step in cryptocurrency adoption all around the world and it will definitely push the price of Bitcoin even higher. Use this opportunity to make more money with our cloud mining platform!



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Andrey Costello

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