BTP bring smart contracts for Amazon AWS

AWS is on its way towards smart contracts full support thanks to partnership between QLDB and BTP.

Amazon Web Services’ Quantum Ledger Database teams up with Blockchain Technology Partners to integrate smart contracts.

With the help of Blockchain Technology Partners, customers can now integrate smart contracts into the Quantum Ledger database or QLDB of Amazon Web Services.

Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP) announced the availability of its DAML, which is available through its Sextant for the DAML platform, allowing those who work with Amazon QLDB to take advantage.

Amazon QLDB is not the first company to use Sextant for DAML. Prior to the launch of Amazon QLDB, the DTP BTP extension reached compatibility with Hyperledger Sawtooth and AWS relational database service, Amazon Aurora.

The statement says that Amazon QLDB serves those who want to use the unchanged but not necessarily decentralized ledger. In his statement, BTP Technology Director Kevin O’Donnell said: “In many cases, there is a reliable centralized operator or a natural authority, but it is still necessary to ensure that the data is not tampered with.” He added: “DAML in Amazon QLDB takes these uses into account, combining the expressive power of DAML with the elasticity of AWS.”

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