Hashmart is recruiting


We are expanding our team at Hashmart and have the following remote positions open; please feel free to apply if you are interested!

UX/UI designer

Our cloud mining platform focuses on providing our clients with the best user experience. We are looking for an experienced UX / UI designer who will execute the company’s plans at the highest level.


  • 2+ years of experience in UX/UI design;
  • Experience with desktop and mobile platforms
  • At least B2 Englis level;
  • Knowledge of Figma, Adobe Suite, and Sketch tools;
  • Satisfactory expertise in data analysis and prototyping;
  • Passion, motivation, curiosity, and the ability to integrate quickly into our team.

Main responsibilities:

  • Prototyping and creating UI concepts;
  • Development of design and graphic elements of the interface based on a pre-approved project;
  • Interface adaptation for different platforms (Web, Android, iOS);
  • Analysis of exceptional cases in the experience of the product use, the design of the interaction of components, and the user interface;
  • Working closely with software engineers to ensure that technical limitations are understood to solve problems to achieve the best user experience that enhances our product quality.

Salary is discussed individually with the candidate who will successfully pass the interview. The company will also provide quarterly bonuses based on performance. Send your resumes to hr@hashmart.io.

In addition, you can cooperate with Hashmart as a partner. Learn more about the conditions of our affiliate program here.

Customer support (English)

Hi, we are looking for a motivated customer support advisor with a good command of English. Hashmart’s cloud mining platform is quite popular among English-speaking clients worldwide. To expand service capabilities and improve user experience, we need a motivated employee ready to work remotely.


  • 1+ year of experience in a similar position (technical support, sales, administration);
  • B2+ written and spoken English;
  • Excellent communication, organization, and customer understanding skills;
  • Ability to prioritize, multitask, be flexible and meet deadlines;
  • Deep understanding of high-class communication style;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Stress resistance, ability to perform repetitive tasks.

Knowledge of the basic concepts of the crypto market, mining, cloud mining of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies will be a plus.

Main responsibilities:

  • Work with CRM;
  • Prompt resolution of customer requests via chat;
  • Formation of texts for client e-mail newsletters;
  • Management of customer requests via e-mail, messengers, and reviews on various social platforms;
  • Work closely with the development team to communicate customer requests and concerns.

With Hashmart, you can work remotely, target English-speaking clients, and earn quarterly bonuses based on your performance. Salary will be discussed during the interview. If you feel you are a good match, please send your CVs to hr@hashmart.io.

In addition, you can cooperate with Hashmart as a partner. You can learn more about the conditions of our affiliate program here.

Customer Support Manager

Are you looking for a job with high-level professionals? Then we are happy to invite you to the Hashmart team! Hashmart is a cloud mining platform that provides investment plans for mining and staking services for the most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum). The crypto market is now on everyone’s lips, so we are actively expanding and looking for new personnel among professionals in our field.


  • 1+ year of experience in a similar position, experience in managing small teams (Team Lead) is preferred;
  • Principles knowledge of KPI systems building;
  • Experience in B2B communication;
  • B2+ English command level;
  • Attention to detail, ability to quickly resolve potential conflicts within a team and adapt to a rapidly changing environment.


  • Control over the activities of the technical support team;
  • Analytical and statistical analysis of team performance and reporting;
  • Goal setting and KPI formation for the team;
  • Participation in the process of hiring new personnel for technical support and mentoring;
  • Effective and proactive communication with QA/Dev departments.

We are ready to consider your salary individually during the interview. In addition, the position also implies the possibility of receiving quarterly bonuses depending on KPIs productivity. If you are interested, please send your CV to hr@hashmart.io.

You can also partner with Hashmart. You can learn more about the conditions of our affiliate program here.

HR manager (EU region)

In just one year, Bitcoin’s price can rise by tens of thousands of dollars! It is not surprising that under such conditions, the popularity of the leading cryptocurrency is growing almost every day. Bitcoin cloud mining platform Hashmart is also expanding, and we need an experienced HR manager to find new staff. If this is you, please send us your CV to hr@hashmart.io.


  • 1+ year experience in HR;
  • Experience with HRMS, Titan, Slack;
  • Deep understanding of processes in HR (search for new personnel, interview process, preparation of a report on personnel productivity);
  • The ability for critical thinking;
  • Openness, integrity, and deadlines respect.


  • Hire new employees;
  • Communicatie with the team regarding issues related to staff management;
  • Organize administrative processes;
  • Conduct surveys and analyze data.

We are happy to discuss your salary expectations and bonuses individually during the interview. You can also partner with Hashmart. Feel free to learn more about the conditions of our affiliate program here.



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